3PL AGL Cools Igloo’s Supply Chain Pain Points

American Shipper — The cooler manufacturer has increasingly relied on third-party logistics provider American Global Logistics (AGL) the past two years to manage core freight and customs services for the more than 3,000 FEUs of products it ships each year.

“When I came on to Igloo, we had seven freight forwarders and six freight brokers,” Carolyn Glynn, senior manager, international freight and customs compliance at Igloo, told American Shipper in an interview Monday. “The complexity with keeping up with that and in-transit visibility was tremendous every day. There was no one tool where you could get the information. Each freight forwarder had their own tool, and their own unique way of getting and giving the information. It was so time-consuming and things were falling through the cracks.”

Two years ago, Glynn was pitched by American Global Logistics, a freight forwarder that emphasizes its configurable technology and support services to international shippers. Igloo had no experience with AGL, but was impressed with the pitch, and so dedicated 200 to 300 FEUs over the year to them to test the waters.

The relationship, Glynn said, has blossomed from that point, with AGL now a trusted technology and consultative partner to Igloo. The scope of the offering expands and contracts based on Igloo’s evolving needs.

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