American Global Logistics Helps Igloo® Maintain a Fresh Supply Chain

10.17.17—Atlanta, GA: Igloo® is the number one cooler manufacturer in the world, with more than 500 products sold at 110,000 retail stores around the world. An Igloo cooler sells literally every 1.6 seconds, so its supply chain must perform with superior efficiency and consistency to support that kind of success.

Enter American Global Logistics (AGL), one of the fastest-growing international supply chain and logistics solutions companies in the world. AGL specializes in navigating the kind of complex supply chain operation that Igloo requires, with global distribution and materials sourcing across air, sea and land both domestically as well as Europe and Asia.

“Materials come from all over the world, scheduled to arrive exactly when manufacturing needs them, so we can allocate the products at the right price at the right time, with exactly the modifications that customers want,” said Carolyn Glynn, Senior Manager, International Freight and Customs Compliance, Igloo Products Corp. “Depending on where and when our customers need products, AGL gives us the flexibility of changing lanes or modes—air, land or sea—on the fly in order to serve our customers and their needs, especially when disruptions happen.”

“For example, AGL was invaluable during the Hanjin bankruptcy last year. We had a lot of materials and products which were either on a Hanjin vessel or a Hanjin container,” said Glynn. “They were able to come in and tell us exactly where the containers were, what ships they were on, and then helped us find solutions to get us our containers with the least amount of delay. Their speed and experience made all the difference in the world.”

AGL tailored its technology specifically for Igloo, providing visibility for more than 1,600 containers in transit on one platform. The system manages all Igloo purchase orders via exception—enabling the company to focus on shipment issues as they happen, and react accordingly.

For more on AGL’s work with Igloo, please watch the Igloo Products Customer Story video.

“AGL’s software is extremely easy to use—there was no lag time in transitioning from our spreadsheets to the AGL system,” continued Glynn. “You just go in, plug in what you need, search by any pertinent information that you have, and it will populate and show you just about anything you want to see—and the ease of their dashboard has been amazing.”

Rather than offering a fixed set of modules, each supply chain platform is purpose-built by AGL to match each customer’s unique requirements, creating a valuable asset that drives efficiency and productivity. From purchase order management (POM) to customs compliance, AGL’s cloud-based technology enables Igloo to track and manage constantly changing supply chain conditions.

“Our customers always want our products faster, and they want them at a competitive price point, but they also want the technology and the customer service and everything that goes along with that,” said Glynn. “With AGL, we found that they’ve had the right technology, the right leverage within the industry and the knowledge and passion that has made Igloo successful for the past two and a half years.”

About Igloo Products Corp.
Texas-based Igloo Products Corp. is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of coolers, drink containers, and supporting accessories. For 70 years, the Igloo brand has been synonymous with quality, durability and innovation since originating the cooler category in 1947 and remains the number one cooler brand worldwide today. Offering more than 500 different products, Igloo products are sold by more than 110 thousand retail storefronts around the world. For more information, visit

About American Global Logistics
Founded in 2007, American Global Logistics is a specialized supply chain software and services company that provides multi-modal transportation solutions, customs brokerage, compliance consultation, carrier allocation management, and advanced purchase order management to select customers. Its proprietary cloud-based technology provides real-time shipment visibility and forecasting, and an accountability-based customer service model allow customers to deliver a consistent experience to their end-users. AGL’s client base represents a broad range of industries including automotive, food, household goods and furniture, and represents some of the US’s largest importers and exporters. Please visit

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