Are You Losing Your Strategic Edge? What You Must Do to Navigate the New Normal in 2022

Last year we learned that “Business as Usual” doesn’t work anymore. It hasn’t worked for a while. To survive and win in 2022, you must embrace the New Normal to survive and thrive. To do that, you need to understand what the New Normal is and how it’s changed business as we know it.

For starters, we’ll look at five key characteristics that define the New Normal. It’s not just a buzzword. It has and is transforming the logistics industry in a massive way. The changes in logistics cannot be overstated. The New Normal represents a sea change rippling through the global supply chain.

We are at a critical time of change. Many businesses will drown because they failed to recognize this watershed change.

So how can you maintain your strategic edge in 2022? This post examines the New Normal and identifies five new imperatives you must adopt to survive and thrive in 2022 .

1- Speed. The first imperative you must embrace is speed. Speed has been growing in importance since 1999. That’s when Bill Gates authored a ground-breaking book: Business at the Speed of Thought. Twenty-three years later, Gates’ vision has materialized in a monumental, almost overwhelming way. Customers are driving this insatiable need for speed. They want their products and they want it now. To stay relevant and competitive, your business must adapt or die. With the nonstop advances in technology and the rise of ecommerce, the trend towards speed will only grow. But speed alone is not a game changer.

2- Agility. Besides speed, agility has become a new imperative that promises to dominate and shape logistics in 2022 and beyond. Agility requires your business to be flexible, nimble, and responsive. We’ve seen delivery go from what was an astounding two-day timeframe ushered in by Amazon. Then we went to next day delivery as FEDEX offered overnight delivery. No, we’re seeing same-day delivery made possible by new technologies. Because customers want their product now, speed, as discussed above, is indispensable. But speed doesn’t address uncertainty that’s prevalent in the global supply chain. To be effective, your supply chai must also be agile. It must be able to turn on a dime in response to events that impede timely delivery. Today, supply chains must be agile like never before.

3- Resilience. Speed and agility alone are powerful supply chain imperatives. Combined, they’re even more powerful. But they still lack one key component: resilience. In today’s market place, you must be resilient, if you’re going to be around to do business for the long-term. Speed and agility focus primarily on near- and short-term events. Resilience, meanwhile, provides your business staying power to do business beyond the present. It anticipates change. So, resilience can prepare and positions your company for what’s ahead. Then, as delays, difficulties, or disasters strike, your business will be ready. It can bounce back.

4- Customer Service. You might wonder why customer service is listed as a new imperative shaping the New Normal. Afterall, customer service has been around for ages. To put it simply, customer service has become a strategic imperative, shaping the New Normal. The customer drives change with expectations and demands never seen before. Customers have moved beyond setting expectations for delivery. They have inserted themselves into product development. They now have a huge say through social media feedback to get what they want. To harness this trend, your business must view customers as strategic assets. Then you’ll understand how to provide quality, service, and responsiveness. All needs, wants, and desires consumers demand. Reacting to events represents the old customer service. Responding represents the new way. Anticipating represents the future of customer service.

5- Competition. Do you see the New Normal taking shape before your eyes? If not, you can be sure your competition does. Competition in 2022 might be fiercer than that to which you’re accustomed. That makes it a bona fide new imperative of the New Normal. Like customer service, competition has been around a long time. It’s not new. What is new is the level and intensity of competition. Both have increased hugely, and the only way to cope with that is to address your supply chain issues from a strategic perspective. We’re talking about the “Big Picture” again. That is, you must consider supply chain planning and execution holistically. That means you understand the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. That applies you your internal operation and your external operations. And it starts with understanding your customer. When you take that perspective, you’ll be ready for the level and intensity of competition you’ll face in 2022.

How to Navigate the New Normal in 2022

Preparing for 2022 may seem challenging, daunting, or even impossible. And it can be unless you approach your challenges from a strategic perspective. If you focus on the five new imperatives, you’ll be ready for the New Normal.

Part of the problem lies in not recognizing a transformative change underway. You can either embrace these changes or ignore them.

If you understand the changes and their potential impacts, that’s a start. You’re a step ahead of the competition. However, you may wonder when and where to start. Or you may wonder how to start so you can adapt to these changes.

At American Global Logistics, we can tell you when, where and how to start. The time to start is now. The passage of time is unforgiving. You can never recoup lost time. Once we understand your goals and objectives we can advise you of where and how to start

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