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How Shippers Can Plot a Course Through the Choppy Economic Waters Ahead

The Loadstar — After  a volatile first quarter, ocean freight is heading into a more stable pricing environment, but uncertainty over fuel costs and trade politics still make for difficult steering, warns American Global Logistics (AGL). The US forwarder has advised clients to exercise caution in the upcoming round of contract negotiations, urging them to concentrate […]

Winning the Tariff Waiting Game

The last few months have forced many global importers into a holding pattern as they wait for the latest round of tariff headlines. The March deadline has come and gone for 25% tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods, and the U.S. administration has said that talks are going well with China, putting additional increases […]

3 Strategies for a Smoother Ocean Shipping Season

Efforts by ocean carriers to prop up rates by reducing sailings last year came at the exact wrong time for importers, coinciding with President Trump’s announcement of additional tariffs on Chinese imports. As shippers raced to beat the effects to their bottom lines, imports hit a record 21.6 million TEUs in 2018 – and spot […]

Navigating 2019 Ocean Contracting

JOC —Still reeling from the chaotic conditions that dominated ocean freight in 2018, shippers are approaching this year’s contract season with considerable caution. With ocean freight rates holding steady so far this year and tariffs continuing to cast a shadow over supply chains, many businesses are concerned that 2019 will bring continued disruptions to their shipping […]

Chinese Import Tariffs Delayed

Please note that President Trump has announced a postponement in the increase from 10% to 25% of the section 301 tariffs on goods from China that was set to take place on March 1. The delay came as a result of significant progress in trade talks with China. President Trump tweeted that he intends to […]

Chinese Import Tariffs

Please note the following news concerning tariffs on goods imported from China. The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019, the bill to keep the government funded and open, was signed into law on February 15, 2019 and included language stressing concern around the lack of an Exclusion Process for Round 3 of the Section 301 tariffs […]

The Supply Chain Dream Team: Technology and Human Capital

Anyone who’s ever managed a supply chain knows how fragmented and inefficient the industry can be. The average supply chain has numerous essential handoff points, and individual providers are often resistant to sharing information, creating silos of data and opaque processes. Add in complications like capacity constraints, both real and manufactured; an escalating global trade […]

Trade Risks Drive Companies to Stockpile Inventory — Is It a Risky Move?

Supply Chain Dive —Stockpiling chocolate and cookies isn’t uncommon before the holiday season, though in Cadbury’s case, it wasn’t just to ensure there would be enough for Christmas sales. Britain’s exit from the European Union is causing uncertainty for manufacturers like Cadbury who rely on open trade for ingredients and finished goods. Brexit isn’t the only […]

Optimizing Your Supply Chain for Omnichannel

Total Retail —Fulfilling both in-store and online orders for custom furniture within 30 days is challenging enough. Factor in a 1,500-product catalog and a worldwide sourcing network, and an agile supply chain becomes indispensable. For one major furniture retailer, a technology-enabled supply chain has been key for keeping up with today’s retail environment. Customers can shop […]