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The ABCs of ACE

For large importers and exporters, improving customs efficiency and compliance is a constant goal. In today’s global economy, 28 percent of U.S. GDP is now related to trade, which means businesses need a solid strategy for moving goods across the border. The customs process is known for being time-consuming and expensive, and any breakdowns or […]

Why Businesses Must Look for More Than Supply Chain Visibility

Businesses today have more resources and technology than ever to manage their logistics processes. So why did a recent Business Continuity Institute report state that two-thirds of them lack end-to-end visibility into their supply chains? Juggling logistics providers, inaccurate data and outdated processes are all prime culprits behind poor visibility. As more global shippers rely […]

Creating a Successful Supply Chain in a Customer Experience-Focused World

For organizations with complex shipping operations, the supply chain offers one of the best opportunities to impact customer satisfaction directly. In the “Age of the Customer,” it’s no surprise that nearly three-quarters of businesses say improving customer experience is their top priority. For organizations with complex shipping operations, the supply chain offers one of the […]

How 9/11 Forced Efficiency Upon Supply Chains

The post-9/11 supply chain has arguably become much more efficient today than it was before the attack, according to Jon Slangerup, Chairman and CEO at American Global Logistics. In identifying shippers – collecting and sharing data in the process – and better understanding the cargo hand-off points, government agencies and industry stakeholders worked together to […]

American Global Logistics COO Blake Shumate To Discuss Future of Container Shipping at FTR Transportation Intelligence Conference

9.6.17—Atlanta, GA: American Global Logistics Chief Operating Officer Blake Shumate will discuss “Shipping in Transition: Crisis in the Container Shipping Sector” as part of a panel at the FTR Transportation Conference 2017 on Sept. 14 at 11:00 AM CT. Shumate will be joined by Dick Craig, President and CEO of MOL (America) Inc.; Bill Doyle, […]

Efficient Customs Procedures Critical to Competitive Success

Creating efficient, compliant trade processes is essential for competing in today’s global economy, yet many businesses still struggle to gain control over their customs operations. For example, one large furniture retailer had an entire team devoted to managing the 16,000 containers it imported annually, but the business lacked a central system to handle paperwork or […]

Jon Slangerup’s “Meet the C-Suite” Interview

Former FedEx Canada president moves into UPS backyard as head of Atlanta logistics company. Read newly hired CEO Jon Slangerup’s “Meet the C-Suite” interview in Atlanta Business Chronicle’s weekly column. Read the Full Article