Bassett Goes “4PL” with AGL

Furniture Today — Bassett Furniture is having a successful run going the fourth-party logistics route in a supply chain management partnership with American Global Logistics. While third-party logistics providers manage selected supply chain customers, a 4PL assembles and manages all resources, capabilities and technology of an organization’s supply chain.

Bassett has almost 1,500 products, including wood furniture, upholstered items and accessories, and it has a custom upholstery program aiming to deliver within 30 days. All of that is available through 100-plus storefronts, online or through in-home consultation.

With a variety of products, programs and channels, plus a global sourcing network, Bassett’s supply chain is similarly complex. As a 4PL provider, AGL combines proprietary technology, logistics services and hands-on support to manage all aspects of Bassett’s global supply chain efficiently and effectively.

“Technology is the lifeblood of our supply chain — the flow of information and communication allows us to properly plan and execute our business,” said Jeb Bassett, senior vice president for Bassett Furniture. “Our role as a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer is uncommon in the industry, requiring precise planning to move goods from production to retail while meeting stringent customer timelines.”

Unlike a third-party logistics provider, a 4PL oversees all logistics activity, regardless of which carrier is actually moving the cargo. In Bassett’s case, AGL configured its technology platform to show each shipment’s movement through the supply chain, beginning with the initial purchase order.

AGL’s cloud-based technology and guidance has helped Bassett to trim costs while ensuring the prompt movement of its goods. For example, AGL works closely with Bassett’s distribution centers and domestic trucking operations to minimize accessorial fees and shipping delays. With AGL’s support, Bassett has also earned beneficial cargo owner status, helping it gain more attractive pricing on ocean freight. As Bassett’s sole customs broker, AGL also helps to ensure customs compliance and timeliness while keeping the company updated on best practices, such as accessing shipping data from the new Automated Commercial Environment portal.

“American Global Logistics is an extension of Bassett Furniture. We are a part of the same team,” said Bassett. “They know our business, and they’re dependable, reliable and predictable.” As the company evolves, AGL’s 4PL approach allows Bassett to gain instant visibility into new suppliers and endpoints while developing creative transportation solutions to meet its high service standards. “AGL’s technology is simple to use,” said Meredith Muscatello, director of global sourcing operations and logistics. “It fits Bassett, the way we’re set up and the way we communicate.”

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