What Is the Future of Sustainability in the Supply Chain?

Supply Chain Dive — Supply chain sustainability has been building up steam in recent years, as consumers become more environmentally conscious and look to corporations to do the same. Look at most multinational corporation’s web pages today, and you will find dozens of pages on how the company is also looking to make the world a better place. The initiatives stretch throughout the value chain, from packaging to transportation and waste management.

“There is significant evidence that points to the ongoing greening of the supply chain, primarily driven by technology. Cleaner ships, trains, planes and trucks combined with automation and cleantech introduced into cargo handling and warehousing operations are accelerating. And environmental policies at national and regional levels are driving investment and green compliance on a global scale,” said Jon Slangerup, Chairman and CEO at American Global Logistics.

“As examples, the recent announcement by the Long Beach/Los Angeles port complex adoption of their last joint Clean Air Action Plan commits a billion dollars to increased on-dock rail infrastructure that will dramatically cut local truck trips and road congestion. Meanwhile, the Chinese central government is mandating the cleanup or shutdown of industrial infrastructure, including the country’s major ports and manufacturing centers.

In Europe, Germany and the Netherlands are leading the way with ongoing investments in green transportation and automated ports, matched only by the progress at the LB/LA port complex. And not least, the headlong push into supply chain software solutions is eliminating efficiencies and congestion that directly reduces energy and fossil fuel consumption.

There are no signs that the push for environmental sustainability is slowing down.”

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