Hurricane Florence Impacts to Supply Chain

Please be advised of the following notifications related to supply chain impacts from Hurricane Florence:

  1. Port of Virginia has announced the main shipping channel into the Virginia Capes is closed; no vessels are currently entering or exiting the port of Norfolk. Further changes to the operating schedule are forthcoming.
  2. The Georgia Port Authority (GPA) is advising that the Export Receive Date (ERD) window on shipments coming into the Garden City Terminal in Savannah will be temporarily adjusted to allow delivery of containers up to 7 days from the scheduled vessel arrival date, beginning on Thursday, September 13, 2018. During this time, export receiving will accommodate a maximum of 2 vessels at a given time. These arrangements are being implemented specifically to minimize delays caused by the storm, and improve cargo velocity and flow for clients using the Garden City Terminal.
  3. Vessels coming into East Coast ports could have their POD (port of discharge) modified close to the arrival date, depending on the severity of weather conditions at the original POD. These last minute vessel diversions could cause delays in the timing of final deliveries due to increased port to port transit times. AGL will advise you of any changes to the timing of your shipment(s) arrival.

Further, please be aware of the following potential impacts on trucking availability and routes:

  1. There is a high probability of truckers moving equipment currently on the coast further inland to higher ground in order to mitigate potential damage to their equipment.
  2. The aforementioned changes in POD for vessels may increase demand at certain ports and decrease availability elsewhere – this applies to both coastal ports and inland container yards.
  3. Evacuations along the East Coast as well as a lack of access to both coastal and flood-prone inland areas are expected.
  4. Railroad operations are being curtailed in areas forecasted to be affected by the storm.

AGL is closely monitoring this situation and will continue to notify you of related information.