American Global Logistics - Inbound Logistics | Igloo packs a way cooler visibility solution.

Igloo Packs a Way Cooler Visibility Solution

Inbound Logistics — Igloo Products Corp., which produces coolers, drinkware, backpacks, and other products, initially partnered with Atlanta-based logistics provider American Global Logistics (AGL) to automate its purchase order process. That assignment evolved to include, among other projects, an electronc customer repository that provides greater visibility to Igloo’s supply chain.

Through the partnership, Igloo cut costs and streamline its processes. It also has been able to avoid service disruptions by working with AGL to stay ahead of significant changes in the supply chain environment, such as port strikes and the Hanjin bankruptcy.

Carolyn Glynn, senior manager of international freight and customs compliance for Igloo Products Corp., credits these benefits to the visibility AGL’s solution affords. In addition, AGL’s market knowledge enable Igloo to move cargo quickly to other carriers whan a disruption is imminent.

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