Reshaped and Renewed: The Future of Customer Service

Customer Service in a Changed World

Customer service has changed… and will continue to change.

Customer service is now equal to cost as a strategic business driver. Businesses that embrace customer-centricity will outperform those that don’t. Taking care of customers is not only important it’s indispensable.

Customer service is critical to you because it affects your growth and profitability.

To survive and thrive in a changed world, logistics service providers (LSPs) must adapt and change.

In the changed world, as a customer your needs reign supreme. You have high demands and exacting standards. You want results. You expect fast, optimized and customized results. Finally, you want lower costs.

To prepare for tomorrow, you should seek LSPs that approach customer service in new ways.

This post explains how customer service has changed and what you should expect from LSPs.


Provide Real-Time, Optimized and Customized Services

Increased competition and the advancement of technology have raised your expectations. You might even be a bit  impatient. As competition heats up, you need want updates, answers, and solutions in real-time.

That places a premium on vigilance coupled with timely action focused on results.

What does customer service look like today?

It’s proactive, results-oriented and focused on your needs. Let’s look at how customer service achieves that.

  • Solve problems quicker by sensing operations in real-time. Employ IoT that “sense” things critical to daily operations. Examples are fleet management, climate control of products in transit, and property loss management. Managing in real-time enhances responsiveness to your needs. Operating in real-time means developing seamless, networked communications. Communications must be ongoing within and outside your company. Focusing on real-time operations will transform your business into a results-oriented business.
  • Provide optimized solutions. Any solution won’t do anymore. Today’s competitive environment demands optimization. If you fail to do that your competitors will outflank you – quickly. To arrive at optimized solutions, you must leverage people as well as technologies. Caveat – do not overlook or underestimate people. Also, pay attention to how you organize people into extended collaborative teams. That is, collaborative teams should include all stakeholders.
  • Deliver customized solutions. Along with real-time and optimized solutions, customers want customized solutions. One-size-fits all solutions no longer suffice. Customers expect and demand tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Again, the intensity of competition and the capability of new technologies makes this possible. To provide customized solutions requires open communications. It also calls for close collaboration and transparency.

All three will improve operations. But they also will contribute to reducing costs. As you invest in only activities that matter, you will reduce if not eliminate waste. That helps ensure your operations are cost competitive, while receiving outstanding customer service. There’s no need to cut corners.

These three shifts in service will transform your business. Taken together they result in a new customer experience.


The New Customer Experience

Customer-centric businesses dynamically change the customer experience. With a clear focus on customers’ needs, meeting expectations comes second nature.

Collaboration gives you a stake in shaping the solution. Besides informing solutions, collaboration helps remove friction. That makes the customer experience agreeable, if not delightful.

As you become more involved in developing solutions, you’ll gain insights into your outsourced team’s experience and expertise. That will lead to increased trust. That’s when boundaries will crumble making innovative solutions easier to achieve.

Boundaryless teams leverage internal and external experience and expertise. The synergy created by integrated and synchronized efforts will help foster innovative solutions.

The new customer experience features cooperation instead of friction. Common goals will generate open communication. They will instill pride in the process. Lastly, they will lead to desired outcomes.

The changed world of customer experience will be richer and more rewarding. Those qualities fit well with the demands of the new world.  They support effective and efficient operations. They take efficiency and effectiveness to another level.


Achieving Agility and Sustainability

Customer service will become more strategic. It will favor a bias towards results-oriented businesses.

Customer service in a post-Coronavirus world looks and feels differently than before the outbreak.  Its value is now more evident than ever. Contributing to customer services’ rise in importance is complexity and ambiguity.

The markets have become more complex and uncertain due to technology, geo-political relationships, and unexpected crises. The tipping point for change was the Coronacrisis.

The lesson from the destabilizing impacts of Black Swan events of recent events is clear. You must adapt or risk being left behind.

Do you want to mitigate the effects of today’s turbulent markets?

You don’t have to deal with the ominous impacts on your own.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact American Global Logistics today.

Customer service is our watchword. It guides everything we do today, tomorrow, and well into the future. As a customer-oriented business, we’re focused on meeting your needs and challenges now.