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Resources & Capabilities to Navigate the New Normal: Why You Should Digitally Transform Your Supply Chain

It’s no longer business as usual. That went out the window when Covid-19 outbreak in late February 2020. Two years later, we see technology as the path ahead to survive and thrive in the New Normal.

The New Normal has ushered in new trends marked by speed and sweeping change. The logistics industry has experienced a great disruption that calls for a great transition.

The great transition promises to transform logistics from top to bottom. Specifically, digital transformation will affect your entire business. It’s leading change now, and it’s coming fast. So, it makes sense to digitalize your supply chain now.

Digitalizing your supply chain is no trivial matter. You would benefit from partnering with a professional 3PL to tackle this complex project. Logistics and supply chain management are difficult enough without adding even more complexity to your supply chain.

Digital transformation will improve performance, giving you a competitive edge separating your business from the rest of the pack. Here’s how digital transformation can transform your supply chain:

  • Increase data accuracy, resulting in greater reliability, identifying issues and opportunities.
  • Improve customer demands and expectations that come from the rise of e-Commerce.
  • Enable data-based decision making to leverage hidden insights from Big Data.
  • Achieve tangible productivity gains, resulting in optimized business processes.
  • Provide end-to-end visibility to enhance agility to improve responsiveness.
  • Develop sound risk management plans and long-term sustainability.
  • Boost efficiency that helps cut costs and increase revenues.

The benefits are many, and they are substantial. With that, let’s look at the technologies leading to change in the industry.

Logistics Technologies Leading Change and Transformation

Leading change is both existing and emerging technologies. Existing technologies are benefitting from new technologies that improve efficiencies and effectiveness. Emerging technologies, meanwhile, offer transformative ways to execute old business processes, saving time, money, and labor.

Existing technologies that have benefited from continuous upgrades include warehouse management system, transportation management systems, optimization and routing software, to name a few.

Emerging technologies that are transforming supply chains include artificial intelligence, Information of Things (IoT), blockchain, robotics and robotic process automation, and predictive analytics.

Again, digitalizing your supply chain is no simple task, as the list of existing emerging technologies makes clear. They introduce uncertainty about where to start your transformation.

They also introduce more complexity you don’t want to bear at this critical juncture of supply chain transformation.

Finally, these technologies allow for a level of customization that was difficult and costly to achieve. Today’s solutions are easier to implement and more affordable. Of course, that depends on how you go about transforming your supply chain.

Coping with New Trends Shaping the New Normal

The New Normal represents a tectonic shift in supply chain operations. The logistics industry is not only merely dealing with change. Our industry is facing a rapid and wholesale sale change on a grand scale. This calls for businesses like yours to adapt rapidly and comprehensively to this momentous change.

The path ahead might not seem entirely clear. That said, existing and emerging technologies offer a practical, productive, and profitable way ahead. By leveraging existing resources and acquiring new technologies, you can expand your capabilities significantly.

Next Steps to Navigate a Smooth Transition to the New Normal

What next steps should you take? You have two simple options.

First, you can digitalize your supply chain on your own, or second, you can partner with a qualified 3PL.

You can expect to realize the benefits associated with digitalizing your supply chain listed above.

You can also expect to benefit from working closely with a qualified 3PL who will handle the complexity associated with such a project.

You can focus on your core business while outsourcing this complex project to a reliable partner. Why handle the additional complexity when you don’t have to?

American Global Logistics (AGL) is a trusted and reliable 3PL. We serve and partner with a diverse clientele representing different industries. We have a sound track record. That makes us a logical choice for a future partner in navigating the New Normal.

Contact us to get started in transforming your supply chain today.