AGL – Igloo Freight Management

CASE STUDY: Igloo Products Corp.

“What I see with AGL is very uncommon.They have adapted their technology to Igloo’s standards, our processes and our procedures.”

Carolyn Glynn, Senior Manager, International Freight and Customs Compliance, Igloo Products Corp.

THE CHALLENGE: A Decentralized Supply Chain

Every 1.6 seconds, someone buys an Igloo cooler. As the world’s leading cooler manufacturer, Igloo Products Corp. has a vast number of suppliers, thousands of products and a presence in more than 70 countries—and that demands a supply chain that can keep up.

The company sources materials domestically and internationally for products that eventually land on the shelves of more than 110,000 retailers. Through its multi-lane, multi-modal network, Igloo is focused on moving freight efficiently and cost-effectively while meeting service excellence standards.

Unfortunately, a decentralized supply chain management process made reaching those goals challenging at times. Igloo was working with more than a dozen freight forwarders and brokers, yet finding a clear view into all supply chain activity presented a significant challenge. The company spent hours tracking containers on each forwarder’s website, while a spreadsheet-based system made accessing shipment and supplier data onerous. Igloo recognized that it needed a more scalable way to manage its rapidly growing global network.

THE SOLUTION: Bringing It All Together

To bring visibility and efficiency to its supply chain, Igloo turned to AGL. A leading supply chain solutions provider, AGL combines technology, end-to-end logistics solutions and hands-on support to help companies achieve supply chain optimization.

“What attracted Igloo to AGL was their enthusiasm and their passion for providing solutions,” says Carolyn Glynn, senior manager, international freight and customs compliance.

AGL began the partnership by visiting Igloo on-site to understand their existing processes and challenges. Leading the discovery process allowed AGL to learn company workflows, shipping preferences and business rules while minimizing the burden on Igloo.

AGL then configured its cloud-based technology platform for Igloo’s unique requirements. Unlike out-of-the-box solutions, AGL technology is purpose-built around each customer’s needs and objectives, allowing for true visibility of each of Igloo’s in-transit shipments from purchase order to final destination.

Igloo now uses the AGL platform to manage its logistics via exception, focusing only on what needs attention and addressing any issues more quickly. AGL also built Igloo’s customer reporting requirements into the system, allowing the company to create the customized documentation it needs for each end user.

Backed by its full suite of transportation services and a dedicated operations team, AGL has become an extension of the Igloo team. Taking a phased approach, AGL began with 350 containers and now manages 3,000 containers for the cooler giant, assisting Igloo through each step of importing, exporting and customs compliance. Likewise, while Igloo was working with six customs brokerage providers at the start of the partnership, today, as one of two, AGL manages over 75% of the company’s brokerage.

THE RESULTS: An Optimized Supply Chain for Today and Tomorrow

Since partnering with AGL in 2015, Igloo has built a supply chain that’s more flexible, responsive and ready to handle whatever comes next. Key benefits include:

  • Greater efficiency and productivity. A single source for supply chain information, AGL provides Igloo visibility and control while minimizing the need to spend hours reviewing data. This change allowed Igloo to reduce man hours and react more quickly to customer inquiries.
  • Resilience when disaster strikes. Disruptions are inevitable in a supply chain the size of Igloo’s, but they’re easier to navigate with AGL’s support. AGL helps Igloo change lanes or modes quickly to meet shifting customer needs or manage carrier issues nimbly. That support was invaluable during the Hanjin bankruptcy, when AGL helped Igloo reroute freight tied up on the carrier’s vessels and containers with minimal disruption to its end users. “Their speed and experience made all the difference in the world,” Glynn says.
  • A partner for growth. As Igloo continues to expand its global reach, the company is confident that AGL’s solutions will continue to meet its needs. That includes applying business rules consistently, continually monitoring Igloo’s mix of transportation services, and innovating on its technology platform to help meet ever-increasing customer expectations.