AGL – ITG Voma Cloud-based Logistics Technology

CASE STUDY: ITG Voma Corporation

“AGL’s team has been with us every minute of every day since we started, almost like a separate department within our company. When we do have an unforeseen disruption, they’re always there.”

Adam Oswalt, Logistics and Supply Chain Manager, ITG Voma Corporation

THE CHALLENGE: Gaining Control Amid Uncertainty

When it comes to getting tires into the right hands, every minute counts for ITG Voma Corporation.

The US-based distributor specializes in the procurement and delivery of passenger tires in the U.S., importing more than a million into the country annually. Managing that volume of freight means dealing with plenty of unforeseen disruptions, from labor strikes to natural disasters, and navigating those challenges without impacting customers is a constant balancing act for ITG Voma. The businesses ITG Voma serves depend on timely delivery, and delays of a day—or even an hour—can erode the distributor’s bottom line and customer relationships.

To keep its global operations running smoothly, ITG Voma recognized the need for greater visibility and control across its supply chain. The organization sought a supply chain partner with the right expertise to handle any issues that came their way quickly and creatively.

THE SOLUTION: Better Insight—For Everyone

ITG Voma found that partner in AGL, a technology-based supply chain solutions provider. Through its proprietary cloud-based platform, full suite of logistics services and hands-on customer service, AGL helps shippers manage their supply chains more efficiently and effectively.

As soon as the company was engaged, AGL started working on the development of a customized, co-branded technology platform that would serve not only ITG Voma’s needs, but those of its customers and suppliers. Unlike preconfigured solutions, AGL builds its cloud-based platform around each business’ objectives, providing shipment-level visibility and control from purchase order to final destination. ITG Voma’s stakeholders can now access up-to-the-minute data in one spot, regardless of freight forwarder, while exception-based management allows ITG Voma to resolve potential issues promptly.

Seven years later, AGL provides customs brokerage, freight and contract management services for ITG Voma. And, through its hands-on support, AGL has helped the distributor uncover new efficiencies and manage evolving supply chain conditions. The two organizations are in contact daily, and AGL’s deditacted Operations Team are available around the clock to respond to any issues that might come up unexpectedly.

THE RESULTS: Accelerating Into the Future

Throughout their decade-long partnership, AGL has helped ITG build a supply chain that performs at its peak for the distributor and its customers. Key benefits include:

  • Dealing with disruptions successfully. Combining deep industry knowledge with an attentive team, AGL helps ITG Voma manage customs compliance, capacity crunches and other complex issues effectively. During one particularly challenging time, AGL set up unique day and night teams to help ITG meet critical deadline and mitigate costs.
  • Stronger customer partnerships. Through ITG Voma’s cloud-based platform powered by AGL, customers can log in and see product ETAs, quantity to dates and real-time locations instantly, giving them supply chain insights that are tough to find elsewhere.
  • Making the most of its resources. While ITG Voma has grown its shipping volume significantly since 2015, the organization has stayed lean. As ITG Voma continues to expand, it’s counting on AGL to support its continued growth with ongoing creative, customized supply chain solutions.