Customer Perspectives

See how we’re helping our customers build more agile, resilient supply chains.

Bassett Furniture Industries

Thirty days—that’s how quickly Bassett Furniture delivers its custom furniture orders, turning a buyer’s initial vision into reality in less than a month. With a focus on fast turnaround and impeccable customer service, a well-run supply chain is critical to Bassett’s success. Bassett has achieved that end-to-end supply chain visibility—and much more— through its 10-year partnership with American Global Logistics.

As the world’s leading cooler manufacturer, Igloo Products Corp. has a vast number of suppliers, thousands of products and a presence in more than 70 countries—and that demands a supply chain that can keep up. To bring visibility and efficiency to its supply chain, Igloo turned to AGL. A leading supply chain solutions provider, AGL combines technology, end-to-end logistics solutions and hands-on support to help companies achieve supply chain optimization.

Igloo Products Corp.

ITG Voma Corporation

The US-based distributor specializes in the procurement and delivery of passenger tires in the U.S., importing more than a million into the country annually. To keep its global operations running smoothly, ITG Voma recognized the need for greater visibility and control across its supply chain. ITG Voma found that partner in AGL, a technology-based supply chain solutions provider.

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