Rules and Regulations for Cargo Moving

NRA Rules Tariff No 100_10-31-2011


AMERICAN GLOBAL LOGISTICS LLC                           

TARIFF NO. 100                                                                     


FMC No.: 021152-100

Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier                      Effective Date: 01NOV2011

                       Published Date: 01NOV2011                                                                          Expiration Date:

Controlled Carrier Status: N



Governing Rules Tariff









AMERICAN GLOBAL LOGISTICS LLC is a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) operating under FMC number 021152.


Carrier has opted to be exempt from tariff publication requirements pursuant to 46 C.F.R. §520 and 532. In that respect Carrier has opted for exclusive use of Negotiated Rate Arrangements (“NRAs”).


NVOCC NRA means the written and binding arrangement between an NRA shipper and eligible NVOCC to provide specific transportation service for a stated cargo quantity, from origin to destination on and after receipt of the cargo by the Carrier or its agent (originating carrier in the case of through Transportation).


Carrier shall issue quotation sheets, booking confirmations, e-mail communications and other writings (collectively “the writings”) which will constitute an offer by Carrier to Shipper for transportation services pursuant to 46 C.F.R. §520.13 and §532. The terms contained in the writings shall be a valid offer for thirty (30) days from the booking date, unless otherwise rescinded by the Carrier prior to receiving Shipper’s cargo. Carrier’s or Carrier’s agent’s receipt of cargo for this shipment constitutes acceptance by Shipper of this offer, and the terms of the NRA shall bind the parties.


All origin and destination local charges apply whether or not included in this Rules Tariff or in quotations.


Rates may not be modified in an NRA after the time the shipment is received by the Carrier or its agent (including originating carriers in the case of through transportation).

Published by:

American Global Logistics LLC

3399 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1130

Atlanta, GA 30326

Publishing Officer: Blake Shumate


Tel: 276-226-4553

Fax: 678-298-8343




Carrier Information

Tariff Details


Tariff Number: 021152-100
Tariff Title: American Global Logistics LLC
Effective: 01NOV2011
Thru: None
Expires: None
Publish: 01NOV2011
Amendment Type: O
Original Issue: 01NOV2011
Weight Rating: 1,000KGS
Volume Rating: 1CBM
Tariff Type: Governing NRA Rules Tariff
Certification: All information contained in this tariff is true, accurate and no unlawful
alterations are permitted.


Organization Information
Number: 021152-100
Name: American Global Logistics LLC



Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier
Hdq. Country: USA
Home Office: 3399 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1130, Atlanta, GA 30326
Publishing Officer: Blake Shumate
Phone: 276-226-4553
Fax: 678-298-8343


021152-100: AMERICAN GLOBAL LOGISTICS LLC – NRA TARIFF NO. 100 – Between (US and World)
Amendment No.: O Table of Contents

Effective: 01NOV2011 Thru: NONE Expires: NONE Publish: 01NOV2011


Trade Names utilized by Carrier


Rule 1 – Scope

Rule 1-A – Scope

Rule 1-B – Intermodal Service

Rule 2 – Application of NRAs and Charges

Rule 2-010 – Packing Requirements

Rule 2-020 – Diversion by Carrier

Rule 2-030 – Mixed Commodities

Rule 2-040 – Container Capacity

Rule 2-050 – Shipper Furnished Container

Rule 2-060 – Measurement and Weight

Rule 2-070 – Overweight Containers

Rule 2-080 – Shipper’s Load & Count

Rule 2-090 – Diversion by Shipper or Consignee

Rule 2-100 – Mixed Commodities

Rule 2-110 – Restricted Articles

Rule 2-120 – Freight All Kinds

Rule 2-130 – Alternate Rate Service Levels; Economy, Regular, Premium

Rule 2-140 – AES USA Export Shipments

Rule 2-150 – Documentation Fee

Rule 2-160 – AMS Charges

Rule 2-170 – Submission Cargo Declaration Data

Rule 2-180 – U.S. Customs Related Charges

Rule 2-190 – FDA Prior Notice

Rule 2-200 – Cargo Roll-Over

Rule 2-210 – Free Time Detention/Demurrage/Storage

Rule 3 – Rate applicability

Rule 4 – Heavy Lift

Rule 5 – Extra Length

Rule 6 – Minimum Bill of Lading

Rule 7 – Payment of Freight Charges

Rule 8 – Bill of Lading

Rule 8-10 Bill of Lading Terms & Conditions

Rule 9 – Freight Forwarder Compensation

Rule 10 – Surcharges & Arbitraries

Rule 11 – Minimum Quantity Rate

Rule 12 – Ad Valorem

Rule 13 – Transshipment

Rule 14 – Co-Loading

Rule 15 – Open Rates

Rule 16 – Hazardous Cargo

Rule 17 – Green Salted Hides

Rule 18 – Returned Cargo

Rule 19 – Shippers Request or Complaints

Rule 20 – Overcharge Claims

Rule 21 – Use of Carrier Equipment

Rule 22 – Automobiles

Rule 23 – Carrier Terminal Rules and Charges

Rule 23-01 – Destination Terminal Handling Charge

Rule 24 – NVOCC Bond and Process Agent

Rule 25 – Certification of Shippers Status

Rule 26 – Reserved for Future Use

Rule 27 – Loyalty Contracts

Rule 28 – Definitions

Rule 29 – Abbreviations, Codes & Symbols

Rule 30 – Access to Tariff Information

Rule 31 – Access to Tariff Information

Rule 32-200 – Reserved for Future Use

Rule 201 – NVOCC Service Arrangements (NSA) Essential Terms





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