NVOCC and American Global Logistics

What is a NVOCC?

A NVOCC is defined as a non-vessel-operating common carrier. The purpose of a NVOCC is to organize shipments for individuals or corporations from the producer to final point of distribution.

NVOCC’s are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission.

What is the Federal Maritime Commission?

The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is an independent federal agency based out of Washington, DC that is responsible for regulation of international transport of goods for US exporters, importers and the US consumer. Started in 1961, the FMC is the governing body that insures all US laws are enforced and to insure fair, efficient and reliable international ocean transportation. Their main objective is to protect the public from unfair practices.

The FMC has the ability to investigate, fine and review the license of NVOCC’s. NVOCC’s also work with the FMC to review laws, lobby for more efficient shipping practices and strategize better shipping methods.

How does American Global Logistics fit in?

AGL is a licensed NVOCC that works with the FMC to insure we are operating within their guidelines and to help with more efficient ways of getting goods in and out of the US. As a non-vessel-operating common carrier, we have the responsibility to get your goods shipped in the most efficient way possible within the guidelines of the Federal Maritime Commission.