AGL US Maritime Commission and the FMC

Who is the United States Maritime Commission?

United States Maritime CommissionAccording to Wikipedia…the United States Maritime Commission is the following:

The United States Maritime Commission (MARCOM) was an independent executive agency of the U.S. federal government that was created by the Merchant Marine Act of 1936, passed by Congress on June 29, 1936, and replaced the United States Shipping Board which had existed since World War I.

It was intended to formulate a merchant shipbuilding program to design and build five hundred modern merchant cargo ships to replace the World War I vintage vessels that comprised the bulk of the United States Merchant Marine, and to administer a subsidy system authorized by the Act to offset the cost differential between building in the U.S. and operating ships under the American flag. It also formed the United States Maritime Service for the training of seagoing ship’s officers to man the new fleet.

What is the purpose behind the FMC?

FMC SealThe actual purpose of the United States Maritime Commission is to regulate international transport of goods for US exporters. The FMC has the ability to investigate, fine and review the license of NVOCC’s. NVOCC’s also work with the FMC to review laws, lobby for more efficient shipping practices and strategize better shipping methods.

Started in 1961, the FMC is the governing body that insures all US laws are enforced and to insure fair, efficient and reliable international ocean transportation. Their main objective is to protect the public from unfair practices.