NRA TARIFF NO. 100 – Between (US and World)Amendment No.: O Rule 12Ad Valorem Rates

Effective: 01NOV2011 Thru: NONE Expires: NONE Publish: 01NOV2011

A.  The liability of the Carrier as to the value of shipments at the NRAs herein provided shall be     determined in accordance with the clauses of the Carrier’s regular Bill of Lading form.

B.  If the Shipper desires to be covered for a valuation in excess of that allowed by the Carrier’s regular Bill of Lading form, the Shipper must so stipulate in Carrier’s Bill of Lading covering such shipments and such additional liability only will be assumed by the Carrier at the request of the Shipper and upon payment of an additional charge based on the total declared valuation in addition to the stipulated NRAs applying to the commodities shipped as specified herein.

C.  Where value is declared on any piece or package in excess of the Bill of Lading limit of value of $500.00 the Ad Valorem rate, specifically provided against the item, shall be five (5%) percent of the value declared in excess of the said Bill of Lading limit of value and is in addition to the base NRA.

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