021152-100: AMERICAN GLOBAL LOGISTICS LLC – NRA TARIFF NO. 100 – Between (US and World)
Amendment No.: O

Rule 29:  


Effective: 01NOV2011 Thru: NONE Expires: NONE Publish: 01NOV2011



A Increase
Ad Val Ad Valorem
AI All Inclusive
BF Board Foot or Board Feet
B/L Bill of Lading
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor
BM Board Measurement
C  Change in tariff Item
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor
CBM, CM or M3 Cubic Meter
CC Cubic Centimeter
CFS Container Freight Station
CFT Cubic Foot or Cubic Feet
CLD Chilled
CM Centimeter
CU Cubic
CWT Cubic Weight
CY Container Yard
D Door
DDC Destination Delivery Charge
E Expiration
ET Essential Terms
Etc Et Cetera
FAK Freight All Kinds
FAS Free Alongside Ship
FB Flat Bed
FCL Full Container Load
FEU Forty Foot Equivalent Unit
FI Free In
FIO Free In and Out
FIOS Free In, Out and Stowed
FO Free Out
FOB Free On Board
FMC Federal Maritime Commission
FR Flat Rack
Ft Feet or Foot
GOH Garment on Hanger
H House
HAZ Hazardous
I  New or Initial Tariff Matter
K/D Knocked Down
KDF Knocked Down Flat
Kilos Kilograms
K/T Kilo Ton
LCL or LTL Less than Container Load
LS Lumpsum
L/T Long Ton (2240 Lbs)
M  Measure
Max Maximum
MBF or MBM 1,000 Feet Board Measure
Min Minimum
MM Millimeter
MQC Minimum Quantity Commitment
N/A Not Applicable
NRA Negotiated Rate Arrangements
NSA NVOCC Service Arrangements
NHZ Non-Hazardous
NOS Not otherwise specified
OT Open Top
P  Pier
Pkg Package or Packages
PRC People’s Republic ofChina
PRVI Puerto Rico andU.S.Virgin Islands
R Reduction
RE Reefer / Refrigerated
R/T Revenue Ton
RY Rail Yard
SL&C   Shipper’s Load and Count
Sq. Ft Square Foot or Square Feet
S/T Short Ton (2000 lbs.)
SU or S/U Set Up
TEU Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit
THC Terminal Handling Charge
TRC Terminal Receiving Charge
USA   United States of America
USD    United StatesDollars
VEN Ventilated
VIZ Namely
vVOL Volume
vW  Weight
W/M Weight/Measure
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