AGL and Bassett Furniture Named One of SDCE 100 Best Supply Chain Projects for 2018

Supply & Demand Chain Executive — There are many challenges companies face when trying to manage their supply chain capabilities. A crucial activity for a company is to continue to pursue, develop and implement best practices that leverage well-organized projects that are relevant to strategic objectives. The outcome of these projects provide further insight into the innovation and opportunity for improved operations within supply chains.

The 2018 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 shines the spotlight on the industry’s most successful and transformative projects that deliver value to enterprises across a range of supply chain functions. The projects featured in this awards program offer a forward-looking perspective for the industry on new opportunities designed to drive operational success.

American Global Logistics was named as one of SDCE 100 award recipients for the partnership with Bassett Furniture. American Global Logistics worked closely with Basset Furniture’s distribution centers and domestic trucking operations to minimize accessorial fees and shipping delays. With AGL, Bassett earned cargo-owner status, helping it gain better prices on ocean freight. As the company’s sole customs broker, AGL helps ensure customs compliance and timeliness while keeping the company updated on best practices. AGL’s 4PL approach allows Bassett to gain transparency into new suppliers and endpoints while developing creative transportation solutions to meet its high service standards.

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Feature Image Source: Supply & Demand Chain Executive