Shell to Add Electric Vehicle Charging Option at European Gas Stations

Supply Chain Dive — Europe is sprinting ahead in the race for electric vehicle dominance.

Industry expert Jon Slangerup of American Global Logistics noted that “Germany and the Netherlands are leading the way with ongoing investments in green transportation.” BMW implements this with its plan to mass produce electric cars by 2020. Even hybrid engines could become available again for those unwilling to embrace technology just yet.

Therefore, Shell’s move to offer fast charging outlets at 100 stations across Europe is an exercise in early adoption. Preparing for what is clearly inevitable with industry-leading technology will boost the company’s visibility, earn driver loyalty, and require late bloomers to play catch-up in time to coincide with the wave of adoption soon to overtake the continent. Further, with the IONITY partnership, potential proprietary technology may be put in place that further delays other operators. With this action, Shell is gaining a big lead on future competition.

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