The Enduring Value of Relationship-based Partnerships

The 3PL business is all about SERVICE. And SERVICE is all about relationships.

Relationships are the key to providing excellent customer service.

At American Global Logistics, service is our watchword and our guiding principle. It guides everything we do in supporting our customers.

That includes providing industry competitive shipping rates. It permeates our culture. It also influences how we collaborate and communicate.

Those are the underpinnings of a powerful belief system that embraces relationships.

We value relationships because logistics is a business of relationships. Relationships help unlock potential hidden value. But building effective relationships isn’t easy unless you make it a priority.

Sometimes organizational structures impede beneficial relationships. Sometimes corporate culture impedes productive relationships. Sometimes technology’s to blame.

That’s why, we make relationships a priority.

We believe pursuing vested relationships leads to competitive advantage. Keep reading to learn more about why we believe in relationship-based partnerships.

Building Relationships through Teaming

We believe in teaming. It’s the bedrock of our mindset and our approach.

To build lasting relationships, we build teams within our organization and with our customers.

We provide a variety of individual functional services. But we don’t operate within functional silos. Rather, we team across functional services leveraging our company’s experience and expertise. In doing that we build relationships across the company. Everyone is a valued contributor.

But to maximize our effectiveness, we extend our teaming mindset to our customers. We work side-by-side with our customers to learn their needs, challenges and interests.

That sharpens our focus on meeting expectations. Moreover, it allows us to work in tandem with our customers in a collaborative manner. Plus, it promotes open and honest communications within and among teams.

As a result, our customers enjoy optimized, tailored, and innovative solutions.

Why We Focus on Building Deeper Relationships

Deep relationships generate many benefits. Here are immediate benefits you can expect as our customer.

  • Efficient Solutions: Our customer-centric approach ensures maximum utilization of resources to ensure we develop solutions without waste. In learning about your needs, challenges and interests, we home in on what matters to you most. Then we execute with a laser-like focus on your priorities.
  • Effective Solutions: Working in close collaboration with you helps us deliver effective solutions. We achieve that by teaming with you. That ensures we develop not only useful but also productive solutions. We can meet your specific needs by knowing what’s important to you.
  • Customized Solutions: A deeper relationship enables us to develop solutions that meet your needs. As we get to know you better, we gain special insights into your priorities. That helps unlock business insights that lead to actionable information. We then harness that information to customize solutions for you.
  • Innovative Solutions: We develop and deliver innovative solutions – both intentional and unforeseen. We do that by exploiting the science and art of innovation. We always take a deliberate approach to innovation. That intentional approach reflects the science of innovation. Yet, sometimes, despite our intentional approach, innovative solutions materialize on their own. That reflects the art of innovation.

But that’s not all.

These immediate benefits provide strategic benefits that make your business stronger and more competitive. They’re the result of our systematic approach to service.

Now let’s look at the strategic benefits relationship-based partnerships provide.

  • Agility: Making changes based on real-time information is more important today than ever. Our experience tells us relationship-based partnerships lead to agility. Agility improves your responsiveness in daily operations. In times of disruption, agility improves your supply chain’s resilience. Over time, your supply chain will transform itself into a responsive organization.
  • Sustainability: In today’s on-again-off-again world and unpredictable markets, sustainability is vital. Technology can be helpful, but it’s also disruptive, if you don’t keep up with change. Relationship-based partnerships guard against knee-jerk adoption of solutions. They ensure well-planned, results-oriented solutions.

One crucial lesson learned from the pandemic is the value of agility and sustainability. That is, companies must be able to respond in a proactive manner to crises when they arise. Also, they must also build sustainable businesses. Deeper relationships help build agility and sustainability.

American Global Logistics’ customer centric-approach embraces relationships. We believe it’s the key to unlocking hidden value. Our culture fosters relationships with you and with our employees. And we reinforce those relationships with constant collaboration and communication.

Most important, our approach is a durable one. By working in close partnership with you, you’ll withstand today’s frictions and tomorrow’s disruptions. Conquering the mundane to pandemics is easier when we tackle them together.

Contact American Global Logistics today to learn more about our relationship-based approach to providing unmatched service.