Trans-Pacific Port Congestion

Please note the following news concerning trans-Pacific Ocean freight.

Carriers are reporting heavy congestion at some US ports due to unprecedented volumes being discharged in the period leading up to Chinese New Year, particularly in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. In some cases, vessels are waiting 2-3 shifts after arriving before labor can be allocated to them. This, in turn, is causing delays in container availability as well as increased vessel traffic as ships move into and out of ports.

The unprecedented volumes are also producing a surge in the demand for chassis and truckers. Major chassis shortages are being reported in some areas of the United States. A recent uptick in street dwell times for containers is further exacerbating the situation. Some terminals are almost at maximum capacity as the chassis shortages and constrained trucker availability delay importers from picking up their cargo. These terminals are being forced to refuse empty containers from carriers in some cases as a result.