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Responding to Trump Tariffs with a Compliance Program

JOC.com — For US importers, 2018 has brought a rollercoaster of regulations – and that wild ride shows no signs of slowing down. In June, President Trump officially announced that the U.S. would impose tariffs on more than 1,100 Chinese exports, affecting importers of everything from flat-screen TVs and medical devices to aircraft parts and batteries. […]

US Portal Success Hinges on Pushing Data to Users

JOC.com — US port information portals that are emerging across the country must provide true end-to-end shipment visibility via a common, secure platform, and they must proactively notify users of exceptions in the supply chain, or beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) will get the visibility they want from services already offered by freight forwarders, the CEO of […]

Upcoming Blank Sailings

As part of our continued commitment to informing you of potential impacts to your supply chain, we would like to update you on recent developments in the ocean freight sector. In order to compensate for poor performance due to a lack of bookings thus far in 2018, carriers have begun announcing “blank” or “void” sailings. […]

Taking On Tariffs

On July 6, U.S. customs agents began collecting duties on more than 800 Chinese goods worth $34 billion, affecting those who import electronics, vehicle parts and accessories, chemicals, and more. A second phase of the tariffs, which must go through public review first, would levy 10 percent tariffs on an additional 280 items. China has […]

Trump Tariffs Unlikely to Radically Alter Supply Chains in Short Term

JOC.com — If the United States implements tariffs on China, interest groups have suggested some dire scenarios such as inflation on everything from cars to homes and an economic recession, but supply chain experts do not share those same fears. President Donald Trump has said he isn’t opposed to free trade, but he wants fair trade […]

Low-Sulfur Rule, GRI and Asia Ports Service Delays

The following notice is related to three situations impacting a significant number of global supply chains: Low Sulfur Rule The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) low-sulfur emissions rule is likely to result in additional pass-throughs of charges within the next 18 months. In some cases, shippers have already seen increases of up to 50 percent compared […]

AGL and Bassett Furniture Named One of SDCE 100 Best Supply Chain Projects for 2018

Supply & Demand Chain Executive — There are many challenges companies face when trying to manage their supply chain capabilities. A crucial activity for a company is to continue to pursue, develop and implement best practices that leverage well-organized projects that are relevant to strategic objectives. The outcome of these projects provide further insight into […]

Dig Into Digital: What CEOs Need to Know Before Implementing a Supply Chain Software Solution

Global Trade Magazine — For businesses that rely on their supply chains to operate efficiently, a supply chain technology platform is no longer optional. Driven by rapid IT innovation, an always-on omnichannel environment and global trade uncertainties, CEOs across the spectrum are deploying the latest logistics systems to keep their organizations competitive. Businesses spent an estimated […]

Tariff Increase on Chinese Exports

President Trump announced that the United States will impose a 25% tariff on $50 billion of Chinese exports. The tariff will apply to roughly 1,100 exports and targets Chinese aerospace, robotics, manufacturing and auto industries. The tariffs announced today will be enacted in two waves: The first will apply to more than 800 exports, worth […]