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What’s Stymieing Progress on IMO’s 2020 Zero-emission Shipping

Reduction of zero-carbon emissions made little progress since January 1, 2020. Progress in 2021 will likely also lag. That’s because many issues surrounding implementation remain unresolved. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) mandated the reduction of emissions by 50% by 2050. The baseline for emissions reduction is emissions from 2008. For the foreseeable future, implementation is […]

The Unstoppable Rise of Shipping Prices in 2021

This year promises to segue from uncertain supply chain disruption into more predictable disruption. The unstoppable rise of shipping prices may cause that disruption. And it may dominate the news in 2021. Last year Covid-19 dominated the disruption of supply chains– hands down. Although  a second strain has surfaced and threatens to disrupt supply chains, […]

Rethink Work

The holidays are just around the corner. Everyone is winding down to enjoy family and friends. This is a good time to read and reflect. Since Covid-19 dominated 2020, it makes sense to read about how its impacted the world of work. With that in mind here’s a book worth your time.  It’s a quick […]

The Logistics Industry in 2021: Using Strategy to Combat Uncertainty and Volatility

2021 promises to be a year of strategic transformation for supply chains. It will mark the beginning of next generation supply chains. Next generation supply chains will be ready for anything. They will be built to withstand uncertainty and volatility without blinking. The new precepts of supply chain management will be adaptability, responsiveness, and resilience. […]

2020 in Review: 11 Game-changing Effects on Logistics

One word sums up 2020 for the logistics industry. PANDEMIC. Or, if you prefer, Covid-19. The pandemic, a once-in-a-century event, shook the logistics industry to its foundations. Covid-19 exposed weaknesses with reckless abandon. Neither governments, the logistics industry, nor individual businesses were ready for the unprecedented disruptions. This once-in-a-century event caught the entire industry by […]

Covid-19 Impacts to Infrastructure: What Needs To Be Done

Our roads, bridges, and ports are crumbling. And Covid-19 has accelerated our nation’s deteriorating infrastructure. During the Great Depression, the U.S. government spent 4.2% of GDP on infrastructure. Today, the government only spends 2.5% of GDP on infrastructure. That’s a huge disparity. As an industry insider, you know, infrastructure is indispensable to logistics. Infrastructure influences […]

Trucking Industry Insights: Roadblocks and Opportunities (Part 2)

A previous blog post (Nov. 11, 2020), featured roadblocks facing the trucking industry. Today’s blog post focuses on key opportunities. In particular, this post delves into the following areas of opportunity: Improving customer service Creating shareholder value Creating new services Improving cost containment Leveraging emergent technologies Challenged by Covid-19, the trucking industry has not stood […]

Trucking Industry Insights: Roadblocks and Opportunities (Part 1)

As the trucking industry emerges from Covid-19, the future reveals roadblocks and opportunities. Disruptions from Covid-19 have changed the way the industry operates. And a reversion to pre-pandemic operations is unlikely. Priorities have changed. Operations have changed. And a new business model is emerging. The trucking industry has always faced many challenges. However, post-Covid-19 the […]

Logistics Personnel: The New Key to Creating Future Value

The post-pandemic world has ushered in many changes. One prominent area of change relates to logistics personnel. If businesses take this change into account, they can grow and prosper. Logistics personnel will differentiate businesses like never before. They will become a strategic asset that will add value in a meaningful way. Personnel have always been […]

Beyond the Pandemic: 6 Reasons You Should Hire a 3PL

In the post-pandemic world, companies competing without a 3PL partner are at risk. To survive in the New Normal, your company must operate at peak performance. Operating at peak performance requires a first-rate supply chain. That means your supply chain operations can’t afford breakdowns or even missteps. They could result in catastrophic failure and strategic […]