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Big Data and Analytics: How to Increase Visibility, Velocity, Value… and Profits

Big data and analytics are necessary and important. Businesses that undertake big data and analytics initiatives have high expectations. Yet investments in many big data and analytics initiatives fall short. And many businesses fail to realize their expectations. Does that sound familiar? If so, first understand you are not alone. Second, meeting your expectations is […]

Big Data and Analytics: Eight Obstacles You Need to Overcome

Companies that leverage big data and analytics are disrupting the logistics industry. Companies that make data-based decisions outperform companies that rely on opinion-based decisions – however informed they may be. Big data and analytics are disrupting the logistics industry. It’s doing so mainly because it’s leveraging new technologies. These technologies offer new ways to store, […]

Are You Using Big Smart Data and Analytics?

“Any organization without a big data strategy and without plans in place to start using big data to improve performance will be left behind.” (Big Data in Practice, Bernard Marr) Do you have a big data strategy? If not, you may be putting your business at risk. Before we go any further, let’s start with […]

How Ocean Carriers Profitably Navigated the Corona-crisis

Resilience in Action: Adapting to the Crisis In March 2020, everything came to a screeching halt. Worldwide. The Coronavirus outbreak halted production. It shuttered stores. It led to blanked sailings. It put people out of work. And that led to a supply shock that disrupted supply chains worldwide. Yet ocean carriers somehow managed to navigate […]

New Ways to Reduce Supply Chain Risk

“The future of business will belong to those companies that not only embrace risk but also understand how to anticipate and prepare for risk.” (Schlegel and Trent, Supply chain Risk Management, p. 283) Recent events have transformed the approach to supply chain risk management. Trade wars, Covid-19, cyber attacks, and natural disasters have shed light […]

What You Need to Know About Supply Chain Theft

Supply chain theft is real. It’s costly. And it’s rampant. It can bring your business to its knees. In today’s environment, supply chain theft is increasing. In the U.S. supply chain theft costs business and consumers $35 billion per year. That’s based on reported theft, according to Transportation and Logistics International. And that’s a conservative […]

What Strategic Hazard Risk Management Can Do for You

When it comes to the occurrence of hazard risk, the question is “when” not “if”. There has been no shortage of hazard risks over the past several years. We’ve seen a rash of hurricanes, tsunamis, fires, etc. All have severely disrupted supply chains. Between 2017 and 2019, the NOAA reported 44 natural disasters or weather-related […]

What Supply Chain Risk Management Can Do for You

Supply chain complexity and uncertainty are here to stay. To put this another way, supply chain risks are on the rise. And they show no signs of abating. Supply chain disruption abounds. You have increasing conflict, changing customer requirements, increasing regulation, trade wars, and Black Swan events, to name a few. With increased risks come […]

The New Leadership Paradigm Changing Customer Service

Command and control is out. It was on the decline before the quarantine. But now the interconnected world in which we live, and work has accelerated that decline. Command and control leadership had its time and place. No one argues that. But today’s leaders operate in a different world in which command and control no […]

Reshaped and Renewed: The Future of Customer Service

Customer Service in a Changed World Customer service has changed… and will continue to change. Customer service is now equal to cost as a strategic business driver. Businesses that embrace customer-centricity will outperform those that don’t. Taking care of customers is not only important it’s indispensable. Customer service is critical to you because it affects […]