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Chaos, Confusion, and Volatility

Someone once said, “Economics runs the world.” Given today’s volatile times, I would update that to read, “Economics… and logistics run the world.” That better portrays the prominence of logistics in the business world.

Supply Chain Risk Management: Planning Smart

Supply chain risk management (SCRM) is an art and a science. Pursue risk mitigation as an art, and you’ll benefit. Pursue it as a science, and you’ll also benefit.

Post-pandemic: The Value of Relationships in Repairing Logistics

Industry alone cannot repair all that needs fixing. Indeed, technology can play a significant role in addressing many of the shortcomings. It can help optimize operations to get to a better, faster, and cheaper state. To address the gaps exposed by the panoramic sector has turned to technology with great expectations.

Why Strategic Partnerships Will Dominate the Future

Why Strategic Partnerships Will Dominate the Future Strategic partnerships are essential to thriving in the new world of work. A lot has changed since the pandemic, and those changes are taking hold in the blink of an eye. Supply chain transformation is not only ongoing; it’s happening rapidly. One critical element of today’s transforming supply […]

June 2022: Quarterly Economic Update

Mixed Economic Trend: Growth or Recession The most current economic data suggested inflation was not transitory. Instead, the data showed rising inflation. It suggested a continuation of volatility and uncertainty. And recession now seems likely. The Russo-Ukrainian war remains a significant bogeyman. However, the war is moving closer to an outcome depending on how you […]

Ocean Shipping Rates: Reversing Excessive Prices and Relieving Congestion

Ocean Shipping’s Supply Chain Disruptions on the Economy and the Logistics Industry In a whirlwind legislative effort, Congress passed a bill for the President’s signature in record time. The bill passed with record bi-partisan support, which the President signed within a week. On the surface, this looks like a positive development. We can conclude that […]

Summer Reading in Logistics

6 Books for Summer 2022 and More… We’re at the mid-year break for 2022. NW risks and challenges have presented themselves into what’s popularly referred to as the New Normal. This year we’re recommending six books around the theme of the New Normal. That’s the predominant theme going forward in the logistics industry, and it’s […]

Ocean Carriers Overcome Volatility and Continuing Risks

Ocean carriers continue to deal with uncertainty and volatility. Risks have not subsided; instead, they persist in the post-pandemic era. External risks loom large with the typical risk that plague ocean carriers. In particular, political and economic threats have increased uncertainty and volatility. Despite the significant risks and challenges, ocean carriers are succeeding against formidable […]