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2021 and Beyond: The Outlook for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

What Shippers Can Expect in the Next 18 – 24 Months Key takeaways Supply chain disruptions will continue to challenge daily global operations. Market uncertainty and volatility will remain high for the foreseeable future. Strategic planning and Supply Chain Risk Management will take on greater significance. Adopting new technologies requires a more-highly-skilled and trained workforce. […]

The Advent of Big Data: The Shifting Data Analytics Landscape

Key takeaways Data analytics, like logistics, is transforming before our very eyes. Data analytics, like data, is a strategic asset. Data analytics will promote and establish data-based decision making. Data analytics will advance the “survival of the fittest”, separating successful from unsuccessful businesses. As we stated in one of our posts, the logistics industry is […]

Serving Customers with Smart Logistics: It’s All About the Data…

Key takeaways Supply chains run on data, so you must treat data as a critical asset. In a data-first world, you must consider data first before launching an IT initiative. Businesses that failed to pay attention to data upfront have regretted that oversight. Reliable data enhances sound decision-making, whether on-the-spot-or long-term, leads to and cements […]

The Apparent and Hidden Value of Big Data and Data Analytics

Key takeaways Big data and data analytics offer great promise now, in the near future and beyond. Some benefits are obvious others are not – but they’re real and have lasting value. Besides providing insights into improving performance, financials, and customer service, big data and data analytics support innovation. Routinizes data-based decision-making, giving your business […]

How Technology Improves Customer Experience

The pandemic was a wakeup call. Previous disasters came and went without lasting change for the better. Change that resulted was reflexive and short-sighted – focusing on the immediate problem. So, progress has been slow and incremental. But that’s changing as reflexive changes of years past won’t work this time. In today’s market, volatility and […]

News Update: Momentous Infrastructure Bill Passes in the U.S. Senate

On August 10, 2021, President Biden stated: We’re on the cusp of an infrastructure decade that… will transform America”. He said that as a polarized Congress passed a momentous infrastructure bill to invest in the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. The result is a $1 trillion dollar historic bill that promises to bringing infrastructure and supply chain […]

Logistics Technologies: Five Issues to Consider Before Digitizing Your Supply Chain – Part I

Logistics technologies (Logtech) are all the rage. They’re today’s answer to tomorrow’s problems. Call it the Logtech moment. Increased global competition, random cyberattacks, and pandemic-induced disruptions all have hastened the drive for solutions. Now, everyone seems to be rushing headlong to technology for solutions. That’s clear when you when read the latest headlines about how […]

Ground Transport: Peering into the Future of the Trucking Industry

The future of trucking is in sight. Call it the New Normal. Call it the Brave New World. Call it what you like. The trucking industry is transforming, and its future is on the horizon. As you know, the trucking transformation did not begin in 2021. However, it will likely go down as the year […]

Ground Transport: Leverage Today’s Challenges to Realize Tomorrow’s Opportunities

It’s a Brave New World for ground transport. The trucking industry faces many challenges, perhaps more than ever before. But that’s a reason for cautious optimism because those challenges also present opportunities. By tackling supply chains’ many issues, as a shipper you can update your supply chain for the Brave New World. Efficient ground transport […]