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How Events in 2021 Influenced Supply Chains for 2022 and Beyond – Part II

In our final blog post of the year, we featured sixteen (16) transformations spawned by events in 2021. We covered the first eight (8) in last week’s post. Here, we cover the next eight (8) for you. Rather than solely taking a retrospective look at this year’s past events, we wanted to go beyond that […]

How Events in 2021 Influenced Supply Chains for 2022 and Beyond – Part I

This year was a rife with chaos and uncertainty. Some say global supply chains broke. Others say it persevered. Regardless, no one can deny, 2021 was a year of transformation. Instead of recounting the events that battered global supply chains, our final two blog posts of 2021 will wrap up by shedding light on the […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel: Supply Chains Emerge Stronger, Smarter, Faster

With peak season almost over, the sky hasn’t fallen. The opposite is true. Sure, disruptions stressed the global supply chain without a break. But it’s withstanding the pressures during one of the most challenging seasons. That bodes well for a return to normalcy sooner rather than later. Michael A. Levans, Group Editorial Director, Logistics Management, […]

Surviving Chaos and Uncertainty through Partnerships and Customer Service

Why Partnerships and Customer Service are Rising as Critical Differentiators Key takeaways Global supply chains are stressed and will remain stressed for a while. Businesses are adapting their supply chains in innovative ways. Businesses are buffering the effects of the non-stop disruptions. Partnerships and customer service are the new supply chain imperatives.  This has been […]

Five Reasons Partnerships are the Wave of the Future

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Henry Ford The Rising Value of Partnerships Partnerships have been around for a while. But now they’re a necessity rather than an option. That’s because disruptions stressed global supply chains and strained them like never before. Some, like Maersk CEO, Soren […]

Balancing Customer Service with Logistics Costs

Like death and taxes, rising logistics costs seem to be a certainty for the next several years. Many causes have converged to prop up prices at or near historical highs. And they’re coming at an inconvenient time. Of course, no time is opportune. But rising prices during peak season are especially painful for shippers. Along […]

Six Lessons Learned from Fixing the Nation’s Industrial Base Supply Chain

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu On July 22, 2021, the Defense Critical Supply Chain Task force released its final report on redressing the nation’s supply chain vulnerabilities. The task force is a bipartisan group chartered to review the industrial base supply […]

The Making of Supply Chain Masters: What Separates them from the Competition

What do Amazon, Apple, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, and Unilever have in common? Here’s the answer. They all have world class supply chains that stand out far and above the competition. Gartner classifies them as Supply Chain Masters (SCMs). In this blog post, we’ll pop the hood to see what makes these companies Supply Chain […]