High Tech. Hands-On. End-to-End Logistics.


High Tech

AGL’s proprietary cloud-based technology provides more options to manage your logistics, gain visibility into your supply chain and measure effectiveness at key stages of the process.


Dedicated logistics operations managers guide your business to success by communicating proactively, offering full transparency and validating every piece of data before it gets to you.

End-to-End Logistics

From purchase order creation to last-mile delivery, AGL identifies and implements solutions grounded in logistics expertise and a deep understanding of your business’ operations, challenges and goals.

More modes. More systems. More risks. As supply chains grow increasingly complex, American Global Logistics offers the visibility and control needed to navigate the evolving supply chain landscape. Combining proprietary cloud-based software with a full suite of logistics solutions, we partner with some of the country’s largest importers and exporters to create more agile supply chains. Our purpose-built technology provides real-time shipment visibility and forecasting, and our accountability-based service model helps businesses deliver a consistent experience to their own partners and customers.


Your supply chain powers your business – is the right platform powering your supply chain? We continually invest in our proprietary technology and tailor it to meet each customer’s unique requirements. Our custom approach has helped many global enterprises gain previously unattainable insight into their operations.


Optimizing your supply chain requires a partner with a holistic understanding of your needs. From multimodal freight to customs brokerage and compliance, we implement the right solutions for each business to maximize operational efficiency and productivity. A rigorous peer-auditing process ensures accuracy each step of the way.


For businesses highly dependent on their supply chains, we help them transform a potential liability into a competitive advantage. We seek to understand each customer’s needs and establish long-term partnerships that deliver ongoing value. Our customized solutions offer an accurate view of your entire logistics environment, regardless of who handles the shipments.


of businesses have experienced supply chain disruption1


of businesses don’t have full supply chain visibility2

Only 6%

of businesses have highly automated end-to-end logistics processes3

$57 million

in fines and penalties collected in 2016 by U.S. Customs and Border Protection4

40 days

added to shipping times by documentation, customs, handling and inland shipping5


See how businesses are partnering with us to drive new levels of supply chain efficiency and resiliency.

Bassett® Furniture

“AGL has been exceptionally beneficial in providing us with accurate container information at SKU level visibility since day one. The right fusion of technology, customer service, personnel, and processes works perfectly with our company and our requirements. Our customers expect accurate information so they can plan receipts of product efficiently and effectively. We are able to meet our customer’s demands with confidence from the information we receive from AGL.”

Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.

“Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. experience with AGL has been outstanding. Joe Hayzlett and Jon-Michael Norman have been great to work with. We have never had any issues getting information timely from either of them. Their website is very user friendly and the customer report card is also a nice to have. Thanks for all you support Joe and Jon.”

Western Pottery

“American Global Logistics has provided us with superior service for over a year. Albert is never more than a phone call away and Tim is on top of every question or issue that may come up. With their help and suggestions Western Pottery has been able to save a tangible amount of money. Along with their knowledge, the information we have access to help us and our customers manage our time more efficiently. We plan to be an AGL partner for many years.”

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