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Ocean Freight

We at AGL offer our customers optimized costs, data accuracy, and on-time delivery thanks to our expertise in the industry and customized solutions.

Air Freight

A logistics partner with a large global network means businesses can transport air freights fast without going over budget.

Customs Brokerage

One of the components that can really affect whether or not your shipments make it to their destination in time is customs.

Compliance Consulting

In order to ensure that you’re complying with all applicable customs regulations, you need compliance consulting

The biggest transportation company


Average increase in profit for businesses that adopt digital supply chains


average added to a product’s cost due to inefficient border procedures

87.8 billion

total amount that logistics spending will rise to by 2022


of Fortune 500 companies rely on an external supply chain partner

21.8 million

record number of TEUs for U.S. imports in 2018

A Hands-On, High Tech and High-Touch
Supply Chain Partnership


Our technology can be tailored to meet each customer’s needs. It can give you invaluable information and insights into operations. If you need the right platform for your supply chain, we have the technology to provide it.


In order for your supply chain to be as efficient as possible, you need a partner who can understand your overall requirements. Whether you need multimodal freights or customs brokerage and compliance, we have the tools necessary to maximize efficiency and productivity, while ensuring accuracy every step of the way.

Customer Experience

A business heavily reliant on a supply chain can be a liability, or, with our help, a competitive edge. We want to establish long-term partnerships with each customer, and the way we work to achieve that is by understanding each customer’s needs and fulfilling them.

Value of Information Flow in Supply Chain

Having updated information on your shipments can allow you to optimize every small step in the process. The visibility provides the knowledge necessary to make sure you succeed. Ultimately, it can become a more efficient process and even reduce costs.
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  • “Along with their knowledge, the information we have access to helps us and our customers manage our time more efficiently. We plan to be an AGL partner for many years.”

  • “We are able to meet our customer’s demands with confidence from the information we receive from AGL.”

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