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Meeting your ocean freight needs in a volatile market environment can be a challenge, and quickly eat up your bandwidth and resources. Take advantage of our customized solutions and industry expertise to ensure on-time delivery, data accuracy, and optimized costs.

To move freight fast while staying on budget, businesses need an air logistics partner with a robust global network. Leveraging deep carrier relationships and an experienced team, American Global Logistics enables businesses to meet high customer expectations in today’s on-demand economy. Manage air capacity and schedules, consolidate shipments, and gain greater visibility into shipping activity.

Making sure your goods clear customs is a critical component to winning the supply chain race, so we leave nothing to chance. Our Customs Entry Experts start working on getting your shipments ready for clearance the minute they leave the port of origin, not when they arrive at their destination. No matter who’s managing the freight or where it’s going, we stay on top of your freight so you can stay ahead of your game.


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Learn How Supply Chain Budgets Will be Impacted

Your supply chain powers your business – is the right platform powering your supply chain? We continually invest in our proprietary technology and tailor it to meet each customer’s unique requirements. Our custom approach has helped many global enterprises gain previously unattainable insight into their operations.

Optimizing your supply chain requires a partner with a holistic understanding of your needs. From multimodal freight to customs brokerage and compliance, we implement the right solutions for each business to maximize operational efficiency and productivity. A rigorous peer-auditing process ensures accuracy each step of the way.

For businesses highly dependent on their supply chains, we help them transform a potential liability into a competitive advantage. We seek to understand each customer’s needs and establish long-term partnerships that deliver ongoing value. Our customized solutions offer an accurate view of your entire logistics environment, regardless of who handles the shipments.


average increase in profit for businesses that adopt digital supply chains

87.8 billion

total amount that logistics spending will rise to by 2022


average added to a product’s cost due to inefficient border procedures


of Fortune 500 companies rely on an external supply chain partner

21.8 million

record number of TEUs for U.S. imports in 2018

Value of Information Flow in Supply Chain

Information is the key to success in supply chain. When managed well, information breaks down barriers, provides visibility and allows people to focus on optimizing every small step in their supply chain process. This, in turn, results in greater efficiency and cost reductions when managing the movement of goods.

“We are able to meet our customer’s demands with confidence from the information we receive from AGL.”

“Along with their knowledge, the information we have access to helps us and our customers manage our time more efficiently. We plan to be an AGL partner for many years.”

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