Having visibility of your shipments means being able to track, in real-time, all of the details involved in the process. As a business leader concerned with shipments getting where they need to go, on time, we know you’ll rest easier being able to check on the shipment's progress at any time.
It can be an invaluable tool for any business that wants to be able to plan ahead and forecast, adapt to changes if necessary, and prevent unexpected situations. You can identify areas that concern you and address any issues, organize your resources to better manage your shipments, and solve a myriad of problems that might come up during the transportation process.

Good visibility has many benefits, including:

Cost-effectiveness. Visibility can help cut down on warehousing and inventory costs. It can also bring down the cost of operations, it’s more fuel efficient, and decreases manual dependency. This makes it an instant return on investment for your business.

Better customer experience. Customers are no longer satisfied with a simple “delivery in progress” text, they want more information. And being able to provide that information can be a real game changer. It keeps the customer engaged, it increases the likelihood of the customer being available for delivery on the first try and it makes for a better overall experience for the customer, making them more likely to return.

Mitigating risks. There are risks involved with every part of the transportation process, visibility though helps mitigate those risks. It allows you to focus your attention in parts of the process that pose a risk, and address the issue quickly and efficiently.