Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Timely delivery, excellent customer service, and proper handling are not only important for retail and grocery transportation, but they are also essential for the delivery and transportation of raw materials and production-critical components. Raw materials are unrefined or processed substances that can be used to create new, useful products via manufacturing, processing, or combination.

Transportation delays may wreak havoc on supply chain plans, causing a domino effect of issues in the production process. AGL assists suppliers of ingredients and manufacturing-critical materials in delivering products undamaged and on time by applying the same high degree of attention that is given to grocery and retail deliveries.
The supplies and services that American Global Logistics provides, such as warehousing and distribution, are now available throughout North America. We work with suppliers to manage national and international delivery into manufacturing and co-packer facilities.

Raw materials experts

Raw materials shipment is a daunting task because of its detailed orientation and numerous steps. The process includes handling, freight procurement and management, documentation, labeling, and packing in the chemical storage facility while also being checked by dangerous goods specialists.

We can handle chemicals and raw materials transport with complete responsibility, full transparency, and maximum flexibility. With the utmost care and accuracy, AGL is a pioneer in transporting chemicals and raw materials via air, land, and sea.
AGL is a logistics company at the forefront of technology that provides reliable and safe solutions for your supply chain needs. We specialize in contract logistics, which allows our clients to have transparency and peace of mind throughout every stage of their shipment's production journey until it reaches its final destination.

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American Global Logistics has a team of experts who understand the unique challenges that come with managing an apparel supply chain. We work closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve delivery times.
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