Food and Beverage (CPG)

Food and Beverage (CPG)

Is your merchandise fresh when it arrives? Our worldwide network of ocean, air, and ground carriers ensure on-time delivery to customers all around the world, with dry, reefer, and climate-controlled options for quality control.

Merchandise that customers use up and replace frequently is known as consumer packaged goods (CPG). This can include food, beverages, cosmetics, and cleaning products.

Consumer packaged goods are everyday items used by the average person that needs to be replaced or replenished regularly, such as food, beverages, clothes, tobacco, cosmetics, and household products.

Manufacturers, sellers, and marketers of physical goods that are sold through retailers fall under the broader category of consumer packaged goods (CPG). Consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) typically operate via wholesalers rather than going direct-to-consumer (D2C).

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) are the everyday items we use that don't last long and are produced on a large scale. Companies in this category sell their merchandise to retailers, who then resell the products to us consumers.
Our customs brokers and compliance experts assist you in navigating rapidly changing laws and avoiding costly delays. Customers will consume your container of food, instead of stealing money from your business.

We collaborate with a variety of carriers in various transportation modes to provide customized travel solutions for your needs as a non-asset-based provider. We work with international organizations to help them achieve new levels of supply chain visibility and efficiency by combining cutting-edge technology, robust logistics capabilities, customs compliance knowledge, and a dedicated service team.

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Our goal is to examine the current state of play in the global CPG industry and identify areas where we can use our expertise as a company with an established supply chain that has been implementing lean changes for years.

The CPG industry is under immense pressure as consumers shift their spending to experiences rather than goods, and e-commerce disrupts traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. To stay competitive, CPG companies need to focus on becoming more agile and customer-centric in their operations.

We can help you achieve this by:

Streamlining your supply chain

Increasing visibility into your operations

Implementing lean practices

Reducing costs throughout your value chain
Enhancing customer service levels
And more…

If you’re looking for ways to improve your CPG business, contact us today – we’d be happy to share our expertise with you today.

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