Trucking is 

a common way to transport goods in bulk. Depending on your shipments,there are several different modes of trucking transport to consider.


Less than truckload shipping is used for shipments that require a smaller freight, or that don’t require the entire trailer. Typically, these shipments weigh between 150 and 15.000 pounds. The costs of a standard truck are divided between the different shippers, which results in lower costs. The rate for the service is dictated by the distance, dimensions of the shipment, whether it is expedited, and whether it requires special handling or equipment.


It refers to Full Truckload Freight. This is used for larger shipments that require the full truck, or close to it, to be transported. This means that the truck is transporting your shipment exclusively. For large shipments, this is ultimately a cheaper option, there are also fewer size and weight restrictions because it doesn’t have to make any other pick-ups and drop-offs along the way, it gets to its destination sooner, and, due to less handling required, the shipment is less likely to be lost or damaged.


Project cargo is used when the shipment that needs to be transported is large, complex, or high value. It may be transported in single or multiple shipments, and it may involve cranes, trucks, rails, planes, and ships. These shipments tend to have a specific timeframe or delivery date that must be met. These combined elements, make project cargo shipping particularly complex.


This is the term used to describe shipping over short distances. It may, for example, transport goods from the point of origin to the ocean port for it to be shipped via ocean freight. It’s a small but vital component of the logistics industry. It can set the tone for the entire process.


This is the transportation of cargo that doesn’t need to be enclosed in a dry van, doesn’t fit within a standard truck, or cannot be unloaded or loaded from a dock. Since there are no walls, there’s more flexibility with the dimensions of the shipment. It allows for goods to be lifted with cranes, or forklifts from any angle.

Transload and Truck

It refers to transferring goods from one mode of transportation to another. Long-haul shipment very often involves multiple modes of transit. Due to how common international shipping currently is, it has become a standard method for the transportation of goods. It’s an invaluable tool in the logistics industry.

Consolidation/ Deconsolidation

Consolidating a shipment means combining the shipments from several smaller shipments from different shippers into a single truck or container to ship them all together. Deconsolidation means breaking a single shipment from one vendor into smaller units to transport them to their final destination independently from each other.