Compliance Certification

Compliance Certification

A Certificate of Compliance (CoC) is a legal certification that states that products have met a specific set of standards.

In trade, exporters or importers obtain a Certificate of Compliance (Certificate of Conformity) from the country to show that the products or services they purchased meet its standards. This document is frequently required for customs clearance. Most of the time, a Certificate of Compliance is obtained from an accredited certification body in the country of export.

For a product or service to be certified as compliant, it must meet all the requirements of the country's standards. The standards may be set by the government, or by an industry association.

American Global Logistics can help you obtain a Certificate of Compliance for your products or services. Our team of experts are familiar with the standards of various countries and can help you ensure that your products or services meet all the requirements.
Why is a compliance certification required?

A certificate of compliance, or CoC, is required by customs in some cases when a product being imported requires it. If there is no CoC for the product, it may be confiscated or even destroyed. The primary purpose of a CoC at customs is to show that the imported product meets the necessary standards.
A Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Conformity is given to exporters or importers for them to demonstrate that the commodities or services purchased conform to the requirements of a specific country. This document is frequently required during customs clearance.

Trading compliance

Trade compliance covers every process and procedure an organization has in place to make sure it is following all domestic and international trade regulations, laws, and rules. It encompasses concepts like import compliance, export compliance, as well as import and export controls.
Before exporting items, several nations need a Certificate of Compliance to ensure that imported items fulfill all international requirements.
After your consignment has been checked and meets the requirements for international transport, you will be given a Certificate of Compliance. The CoC is required during customs clearance at the destination to import the goods.

Safety compliance certificates

For goods to be imported into some countries, they must have a safety compliance certificate or product evaluation certificate. These certificates vouch that the merchandise meets specified health, safety, and environmental regulations.
For instance, you may need a CE certificate to send goods to the European Union. A CE mark does not indicate that the product was made in the EU but that it abides by EU standards.
Because different countries use different words and criteria, we can help you check before sending anything overseas. The U.K., for example, has the U.K. Conformity Assessed (UKCA) certificate, whereas China has the China Compulsory Certification (CCC).

If you're looking for help to get your products or services certified to be compliant with international standards, look no further! Our team of experts is knowledgeable about the requirements of various countries and can guide you through the process so that your products or services adhere to all necessary regulations. Simply reach out to us today for more information.