Asia to the US

Asia to the US

Asia is a vital region for our clients because it is the world's largest continent, has the highest economic growth rate, and is a major trading partner. AGL, with its experience in the industrial sector, specializes in import and export activities throughout Asia.
American Global Logistics operates in the main ports of Asia, both in containers and consolidated cargoes. We collaborate with important shipping companies with whom we maintain agreements and business relationships.

Services for Asian logistics

You can trust AGL to transport and receive your products across Asia, from Yemen to Pekin.

In Asia AGL has:

A wide network of agents and representatives.

Our own offices in key points of the continent.

The most modern means of transport.

Experienced professionals in the management of Asian logistics.

We are familiar with the quirks of every Asian country and can help you get any type of customs clearance authorization, administered by customs.

AGL offers flexible and personalized sea freight solutions. Our cargo-related paperwork processing speed is second to none, and our tracking services are adjusted to your needs and the characteristics of all products you need to import or export by sea.

At AGL, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and low inventory handling costs. Furthermore, take advantage of our great shipping rates from Asia to anywhere in the USA.

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  • “Along with their knowledge, the information we have access to helps us and our customers manage our time more efficiently. We plan to be an AGL partner for many years.”

  • “We are able to meet our customer’s demands with confidence from the information we receive from AGL.”