About us

ABOUT American Global Logistics

American Global Logistics was founded in 2007. Our goal is to offer customized solutions so businesses can solve the challenges facing their supply chain. Today’s shippers need information at their fingertips, and our cloud-based technology offers our clients unprecedented control and visibility throughout the supply chain. Our end-to-end logistics solutions allow us to provide depth of service to global enterprises.

We pride ourselves on knowing what our customers need, so we can meet those needs by designing and implementing the software and solutions that best fit their businesses. That same commitment to our customers is echoed in our attitude towards our colleagues and communities, having been recognized as one of Fortune Magazine’s “Top 50 Great Places to Work”. At the heart of everything we do, is accountability.

Our Values

Work Environment
We believe that the work environment affects the work. So we strive to provide our employees with a great work environment. This means giving our employees not only the professional support they need but also a healthy work-life balance. Happy employees are productive employees.
Accountability is key. We take full responsibility for everything that happens on our watch. Our customers are our priority, and to help them achieve their goals, we keep their best interests at heart when making decisions.
Hand in hand with a great work environment, we encourage our employees to be innovative. We embrace it and the benefits it brings to our company and customers.
Open Communication
The gateway to an effective working relationship is conversation. Communication between employees as well as with our customers allows us to work effectively and efficiently, as well as develop innovative solutions for our customers.
Giving Back
In line with our commitment to our customers, communities, and co-workers, we believe in doing our part to support those communities.