With the rise of e-commerce, businesses across virtually every industry must be omnichannel-ready – not an easy task as they manage increasing regulation and supply chain complexity. American Global Logistics understands the challenges facing the 21st-century supply chain, and we work with a diverse range of businesses to help them deliver their products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

As a non-asset-based provider, we maintain deep relationships with more than 100 carriers across multiple modes, allowing us to develop flexible transportation solutions for your needs. Combining proprietary technology, robust logistics capabilities, customs compliance expertise and a dedicated service team, we partner with global businesses to help them achieve new levels of supply chain visibility and efficiency.

Evolution of the Supply Chain

Across all industries, the supply chain environment has changed from being very transactional to needing to be very analytical. To maintain a healthy supply chain you need to understand every variable within the supply chain equation and achieve greater efficiency and cost savings. AGL can help you make that shift in a way that works best for your business.


Today’s shoppers want near-instant access to the latest styles – and they’re quick to go elsewhere if your brand can’t deliver. Manage inventory, optimize logistics costs and ensure on-time delivery with American Global Logistics. From customs compliance to multimodal transportation solutions, we work with apparel retailers to handle all aspects of their global supply chains, strengthen their brand reputation and get products into customers’ hands faster.


Don’t let a missing shipment of parts wreak havoc on your bottom line. For businesses in the electronics industry, transit delays can have a huge impact on production lifecycle, market plans and revenue. That’s why American Global Logistics helps its electronics customers gain end-to-end visibility into shipments and provides hands-on support to identify and correct issues before they escalate.

Food and Beverage

Are your products arriving at the peak of freshness? Our vast network of ocean, air and ground carriers ensure on-time delivery around the globe, with dry, reefer and climate-controlled capabilities so you don’t compromise on quality. In addition, our customs brokerage and compliance experts help you navigate constantly changing regulations and avoid costly delays. That means your container of produce will get eaten by customers, instead of eating into your bottom line.

Furniture and Home Goods

As the partner for some of the world’s largest home furnishings importers, we understand the importance of supply chain visibility and accuracy. We take the time to learn each customer’s products and requirements, matching them with our robust network of ocean shippers to provide reliable, on-time deliveries. We also validate each piece of data, giving customers accurate insights to manage their operations better – regardless of who’s handling the freight.

Raw Materials

Timing is key when it comes to moving raw materials through the supply chain. Whether your materials travel by ocean, air or land, we have the expertise to manage and store them so they arrive on time and keep production processes running smoothly. Our proprietary technology also offers unprecedented visibility into shipment status, so you’ll always be aware of where your materials are in the supply chain.

Tire and Automotive

We partner with some of the automotive industry’s most trusted brands to improve supply chain visibility, reduce costs and deliver exceptional service. Leveraging our knowledge of customs regulations, we guide customers through the complexities of importing and exporting, helping to put your products on store shelves or customers’ doorsteps when they need to be.