Shipping and Tracking Technology

As businesses manage more shipments and providers than ever, they need powerful technology to gain true supply chain visibility. At American Global Logistics, we continually invest in our proprietary cloud-based software to provide unmatched insight and control over supply chain operations.

Because no two supply chains are alike, our solutions aren’t, either. Rather than offering a fixed set of modules, each platform is purpose-built to match the customer’s unique requirements, creating a valuable asset that drives supply chain efficiency and productivity. See how our technology can help your business:

  • Enhance visibility and control. More than a source for supply chain visibility, American Global Logistics acts as a supply chain concierge for your business. Our platform captures all product procurement, internal workflow and supply chain data, while a dedicated operations manager ensures your solution meets all business rules and logistics needs. A customer dashboard, online bookings, and management and analysis tools make it simple to monitor and manage supply chain movement.
  • Work more efficiently. Optimize operations by focusing on what truly needs attention. Combining a queue-based approach with your established business rules, we help you go from managing 100 percent of your supply chain to 10 percent with intelligent alerts, escalations and exception management.
  • Operate the way you want to. Endlessly adaptable, our technology works with your existing systems for seamless implementation. Produce and receive multiple file formats, integrate inbound or outbound files into your workflow, and host or sync with your own FTP services via multiple delivery methods.
  • Ensure accuracy. Get reliable data on every shipment — regardless of who’s handling the freight. Our platform can sync and scrub data from multiple sources, verifying booking timeliness, carrier utilization, tracking milestones, freight pay services and more.
  • Improve accessibility. Our web-based platform offers real-time data to workers anywhere, anytime, from any device. Security settings let you control who can access sensitive data.
  • Deliver business value. With American Global Logistics handling your logistics IT needs, your internal team can focus on more high-value tasks. We leverage deep expertise and resources to provide unmatched quality, timeliness and cost-effectiveness.
  • Make informed business decisions. Get instant access to data organized by common key performance indicators through our platform. Our team can also help you customize tools to report on the metrics that matter most to your business.

Purpose Built Technology

Because no two business are alike, AGL Supply Chain Solutions aren’t either. Each is customized and purpose-built to fit your business’ unique requirements and goals, and powered by agile, proprietary technology that adapts as your needs do. Logistics isn’t static—your supply chain solutions shouldn’t be either.

From purchase order management (POM) to customs compliance, our technology enables your business to track and manage constantly changing supply chain conditions.

Download the AGL® Technology Infographic (PDF)

AGL's cloud-based supply chain management platform