American Global Logistics is composed of the top ranked logistics executives in our industry. With a combined skill-set ranging from ocean and air inbound and outbound logistics to warehouse and distribution and supply chain management. Our network is comprised of carefully formed strategic alliances to provide the most comprehensive package of service and competitive rates in our industry. Our focus is propagated throughout our network from origin to destination offices and our personnel are in tune to our specific customer requirements.

Our Services

  • Air Transportation

    AGL provides air cargo services from all international origins around the world for our clients. Moving freight via air reduces the time involved in the supply chain and is beneficial for quick inventory control. AGL air cargo services works provide real time solutions for high priority shipments.
  • Ocean Transportation

    AGL’s domestic supply chain empowers customers with secure Truckload, LTL, Dry Van, Flatbed, and expedited ground carriers where and when needed. Customer service is our priority and handling your freight needs is our core competency. AGL's coverage network can be summed up in one word: "Global". Our business strategy is to be available for our customers anytime and anywhere in the world. Between our USA and our Asia locations we have 31 offices globally and relationships/agent agreements in all other regions of the world that enables us to service our customers supply chain.
  • Domestic Services

    AGL’s domestic supply chain empowers customers with secure Truckload, LTL, Dry Van, Flatbed, and expedited ground carriers where and when needed. Customer service is our priority and handling your freight needs is our core competency.
  • Compliance Consulting Services

    At American Global Logistics, we provide a wide range of compliance consulting services to make your importing and exporting of goods run as smoothly as possible. From C-TPAT to tariffs and everything in between, our staff is ready to assist your firm with every possible angle of getting goods in and out of the United States and other areas of the world.
  • Other Services

    AGL’s network is a diverse combination of the best in class partners in the various sections of the globe. AGL has selected the top associates in each region that we operate. So while one partner may be great throughout East Asia and weaker in Europe, we cultivate a relationship with a strong partner in East Asia and a separate relationship with another strong partner in Europe. Ultimately this process approach produces the optimal service options for our clients by increasing the array of our service abilities wherever the client’s needs may be.


  • AGL staff is AWESOME! Having AGL handle our logistics has been an easy transition from our previous company because of the level of customer service they provide. They are quick to reply to any questions we may have, quick to provide a quote on a freight rate and their freight rates are competitive. Also I would like to give a special THANKS to Ashley, she really goes above and beyond for our company. Thank you for all your support. wpackaging_300W
    Bonnie Surber - W Packaging
  • Capital Lighting enjoys doing business with AGL. AGL has always worked to provide rates that fit the Capital Lighting Pricing Model and this is a big benefit for Capital Lighting. All the associates at AGL are professional and knowledgeable and we couldn’t have a better partner.
    Michael A. Collom
  • At American Signature we developed a supply chain management system in 2004. At the time it was revolutionary. In 2004 there was no system available that could give us true end to end visibility and control of our international orders. Visibility included domestic rail, which was very difficult at the time. Since we have partnered with American Global Logistics to develop order management 2.0. In this system we added functionality that was either not previously available or something we wanted to enhance from our previous system. This order management system is best in class. It allows us to serve our retail customers better than ever. Considering our growth, especially in e-commerce, it gives us an edge in the market place while also giving us data and control to improve inventory turns. We are proud of the work we did with American Global Logistics. They have proven to be a great partner.   ASI  
    Bryan Beam
  • John, Just want to put a quick e-mail to say thank you for the effort you put into our account. I know this isn't the easiest account at times but you go above and beyond to make us happy, which I greatly appreciate. Your attention to detail is unheard of these days, good to know there is someone similar to myself still out there. I am very happy with you handling our account and I don't want that to change.logo
    Rob Breese, Logistics Coordinator
  • Michelle and AGL,        I should tell you THANK YOU more often, I fully understand how much of a role you play in MVP providing great customer service.   When I receive feedback at that level from our customers, I do recognize the multiple levels of “process flow” & how many people are involved.   MVP Textiles & AGL can grow with the level of customer service we both strive for… Let’s get more emails like that from our customers praising our supply chain and service!!! MVP Again, THANK YOU!
    Chad Sponseller
  • The customer is job 1
    George Federoff, Sauder Furniture
  • Fantastic, on the ball, and no worries!
    Rich Permuka
  • AGL’s services allow us to focus on our core business of selling furniture while they handle the logistics, while keeping the rates competitive. We also have the flexibility of using a variety of carriers without having to sign multiple contracts by allowing AGL to manage our SSL contracts. We appreciate everything AGL does for Whalen and making us look good to our customers.
    Andy Bell
  • Dear Mr. Rosenberg, On behalf of RiversEdge and its customers, I would like to thank you for the service your company has provided us. You continue to offer some of the best rates in a highly competitive market. However, what makes AGL the leader in your industry is the professionalism of your staff in handling our business. Here are just two of the comments I have recently heard from my employees or customers: “When I have an urgent sample container, AGL is the only company I would consider to handle it.” “After working with various forwarders over the years, AGL provides the highest level of service that my company has ever experienced.” Please keep up the fine work that you do and we will continue to grow together. Sincerely,
    Mark Stubstad
  • AGL has been a great company to work with for our shipping needs. They are very knowledgeable in the industry and are there to help us with any issue or problem that arises. Their tracking reports have made it very easy to keep up with our shipments as well as our deliveries and allow us to better plan for our shipments around the country. When working with EDI companies they by far out-weigh others in the industry and have brought a level of comfort to what can be a complex process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone searching for good customer service in logistics.
    Kim Gunter, Hanamint Corporation
  • It was no surprise to me when AGL was recently awarded for being one of the top 25 fastest growing companies in Atlanta. Their commitment to competitive pricing and service excellence far exceeds most of their competitors.
    John Lomax, Director of Transportation
  • The staff at AGL are a pleasure to work with. In my experience, AGL’s commitment to outstanding customer relations, timeliness, and efficiency is unsurpassed in the industry. I think they are unique in that they take the the time to understand their customers’ priorities and goals. They then partner with them to prioritize and reach those goals. Sincerely!
    Sandy Onorato, Import Manager
  • AGL has been exceptionally beneficial in providing us with accurate container information at SKU level visibility since day one. The right fusion of technology, customer service, personnel, and processes works perfectly with our company and our requirements. Our customers expect accurate information so they can plan receipts of product efficiently and effectively. We are able to meet our customer’s demands with confidence from the information we receive from AGL.
  • AGL has been a trusted partner of ours for over two years now. They have provided excellent customer service and our shipments have moved seamlessly without the need for any intervention on our part. Always there to help when our own ocean carriers can’t, AGL flawlessly handles entire shipping lanes for us as well as filling various spot market voids for us throughout the year, no matter what the circumstances. Best Regards,
    Greg Brinkman, Vice President – Supply Chain
  • We initially chose to work with AGL years ago because of their competitive rates. Any chance to save money in this economy was welcomed with open arms. What we did not expect was the level of service that we have experienced with AGL over the last five years. Our company is very unique and we often have special requests to meet the needs of our business. AGL has continued to go above and beyond to ensure our company needs are being met. We are thankful that we are able to do business with a company that values its customers and is continually looking for ways to improve the level of service they provide.
    Lexy Manana, Import Manager
  • ITG Voma’s experience with AGL has been outstanding! Our company switched to AGL from other companies in two areas, brokerage and forwarding. AGL has been the best of the best when it comes to their brokerage services. We have never had any issues with getting the information we need on time from Joey Pruss. Joey is very punctual with returning calls, emails, etc. Read More
    Britany Biddle, Operations Assistant
  • AGL is the definition of “proactive” in the freight industry. Communication is key when it comes to moving freight and AGL is by far the best when it comes to keeping Exact Commerce informed on our shipments. AGL is focused on cost, service, and solutions and the suppliers that AGL has on their team all have the same level of excellent service and support. Exact  Commerce can always turn to AGL for accurate information and support. They stay on top of what is going on in the freight industry and keep us informed of any issues that may affect our freight imports to the U.S.
    Loren Todd, Exact Commerce
  • I can always count on AGL to handle our needs with the urgency we require. I have and will continue to recommend this company based on service, efficiency and cost feasibility. The best thing about working with AGL is the people and professionalism. I value the service and easy relationship we have developed over the years.
    Mike Misleany
  • On behalf of the American Omni Trading Company staff I would like to say Thank you for your partnership. Today’s global economy is tough and AGL combines cost saving solutions along with industry leading support by providing professional, prompt and courteous service. AGL’s proactive approach and high industry acumen is refreshing. In times where it’s easy for companies to say “we can’t do it”, AGL provides options and true resolution. Your “can do” mantra is appreciated and sets the standard for all other providers. American Omni is proud to call AGL our partner! Best regards
    William Burns, Operations Manager
  • Your team does a great job, this is what makes AGL successful. Make sure you tell them that we appreciate the job they do!
    Doug Dykstra, Materials Operations Manager
  • Hi Jim, I just wanted to shoot you a quick email about Joe. He is definitely looking out for EW. J He has been negotiating with the port all day long about demurrage fees incurred due to their back log. I didn’t even have to ask him about it; he did it on his own free will. I really appreciate the great customer service provided by Joe and I wanted to let you know. Have a good evening,
    Rachel Halligan, Logistics Administrator